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Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

18 Jan 2019 17:12

Firstly I have a high level of anxiety. So I may be over thinking everything and I don't want to Insult anyone who has been diagnosed. 


About a week ago I started having an uncomfortable gut with some mild pain. This couldn't my anxiety to flair up instantly. I then lost my appetite completly and have lost 7lb in a week. Which is very unlike me. 


I went to the doctors and she thought I just had constipation and gave me laxatives. All I got out was liquid so she told me to stop taking them. She then ordered full blood tests. Liver function, fbc e.t.c and they have all come back absolutely fine. But I have a constant bloated feeling in my upper abdominal area. Right where my ribs stop. I haven't got my appetite back and of course Dr Google has come up with the worst. Doctor has told me to come back in 2 week's for a follow up to see if it clears up. I'm worried sick. I lost my father 6 years ago to bowel cancer and I've convinced myself I have it. I would also like to point out that this bloated feeling isn't painful. 


Apart from the loss of appetite and the alight weight loss and the bloating I don't have much in the way of symptoms. But that doesn't help me not freak out. I'm hoping it's just a stomach bug or maybe ibs but I can't shake this feeling. I don't know why I'm writing this post to be honest. But I was just hoping for some advice. 

It has only been a week but I never usually get like this. I'm.a 29 yo male. 


Would like to take this time to thank you for the time you've taken to read my post. And I look forward to hearing from you all. 


Anxietyman29 x

Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

18 Jan 2019 18:50 in response to Anxietyman29

Try not to worry as it wont really help you.

My take on this is that you are best to give it time and see what happens.If it clears up its great.

If you are still having trouble when you go back to the Dr. then there are other tests can be run. 


Please try not to worry.

Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

18 Jan 2019 21:18 in response to ronnaldo.b

Hi Anxietyman, 

If you think there is something out of the ordinary for you please be persistant. Sometimes doctors can fob things off if you are of a young age. Only you know your body and fingers crossed it's absolutely nothing but if it is,  time is most definatly an important factor.

Don't ever thing your wasting someone's time, keep on until you get definite results. 

Please whatever you do don't brush it under the carpet. 

Rosie xc

Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

18 Jan 2019 23:26 in response to Anxietyman29


      I'm sorry you're feeling like this. Could it be your gallbladder? I have problems with mine and what you describe is similar to how I get when mine plays up. Ask your doctor for a scan as they will be able to see if you have gallstones or not. 

Good luck. X

Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

19 Jan 2019 01:56 in response to Unicornsarereal

Thank you for your reply. I am not too sure tbh. I'm hoping it's just ibs, or maybe psychosomatic... I really don't know. I am currently at a&e due to extreme anxiety and they are testing my blood again for liver and pancreas status. I think it's more to calm me down but I'm still ******* myself. The doctor gave my front a good and thorough examination  ( the first doctor to do so for more then 10 seconds ) I really don't know what to do with myself. I just want to be in bed with my partner thinking about the future but I'm stuck in my own thoughts. I hope everyone reading this is as well as can be! 

Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

19 Jan 2019 15:55 in response to Anxietyman29

Just wanted to update. I went to a&e last night with adominal discomfort and back pain. I said what I was worried about it being and they gave me a liver and pancreas function blood test. Liver was fine and pancreas was only slightly elevated. They gave me a fair few physical examinations. And told me they are 99.9% sure it's not cancer. But obviously noticed how anxious I was and sent me away with referrals for an ultrasound and a camera down the throat. The doctor seemed fairly confident I just had a bad case of gastritis which is elevated by my anxiety. They also sent my blood away for a ( I forget the exact name ) C19?? Tumour marker test which will take a few days to return. They have prescribed me Lansoprazole 30mg and they seem to have settled my discomfort somewhat. Also been given cocodemol and diazepam.

A member of the crisis support team have also visited me and had a chat just to try and calm me down. 

Symptoms so far are 

Upper adominal discomfort but it seems to move up and down. 

Mild back pain 

Slight weight loss ( but it has gone back up slightly) 

Slight loss of appetite. 

There's nothing else they can really do being a weekend so I just have to wait for the referrals to come through. Worried and very anxious. Don't want to freak any of my family out but I have voiced my concerns to my partner and mother. The doctors seem pretty sure ( I spoke to 4 total including one who's worked with people suffering from pancreatic cancer and they all seem confident it's nothing to worry myself over ( although they might just be saying that to calm me down ) 

I don't really know what to do with myself. I've just scared myself silly. 

Any reply from anyone will be greatly appreciated.

Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

19 Jan 2019 18:01 in response to Anxietyman29

Hi Anxiety Man, 

Think you've done all you can to get the answers you want, I think the docs would have let you know something if they were generally worried so keep calm and trust that they will now look into everything for you. 

Sounds like they are looking after you and have all in hand. Hope you can relax a little.


Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

19 Jan 2019 19:25 in response to RosieApples

Has anyone here had a similar experience? 

Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

19 Jan 2019 22:59 in response to Anxietyman29

I just need some advice please. Is anyone here? 

Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

19 Jan 2019 23:20 in response to Anxietyman29

I don’t think it will be beneficial for anyone here to give you reassurance, Anxietyman.

Seeking reassurance isn’t an effective way to manage your anxiety. It does not work. You’ve already been given reassurance in buckets (your GP, A&E staff and 4 separate doctors) - and that hasn’t worked. 

Perhaps a different approach is needed...

Good luck with everything. 

PS - you asked if anyone had had a similar experience (more seeking reassurance). If someone came along and said “yes”....that also wouldn’t work! You’d still be as anxious and then go try and seek more reassurance elsewhere. 




Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

19 Jan 2019 23:27 in response to starcatone

I'm sorry Sad

Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

20 Jan 2019 00:05 in response to Anxietyman29

Nothing to be sorry about. 

Sitting with anxiety is not a nice feeling....but can you see where seeking reassurance has got you...? That’s gonna make you worse in the long run. It will only bring you temporary relief before you go off and do it again. It must be time consuming and exhausting. 

If all of your test results come back clear now (as the others have)....what then? Will you believe it? Or will your anxiety say, “the tests and all those doctors are wrong”? 

Looking up information online about your bet is you will only accept information that supports your theory that you have cancer. You’ll disregard the rest that says you doesn’t. That’s only going to make you more anxious. This anxiety will cause you physical symptoms too. (I’m not a medical expert but the one you saw at the hospital was....and was pretty convinced your symptoms were being aggravated by your anxiety). 

I would suggest considering other ways in which you can manage your anxiety, other than obsessing over cancer and seeking reassurance. That has not worked to reduce your has made it a lot worse. A different approach is needed?


Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

20 Jan 2019 18:16 in response to starcatone

I appreciate your honesty and being so straight with me. I know my anxiety takes a hold of me and I can't control it. Guess it's just something I need to try and keep under control. 


I know my bloods came back clear. In just dreading the what if. 

Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

20 Jan 2019 18:40 in response to Anxietyman29

Hi Anxietyman

I’ll add you on here so I can message you directly. 

Star x 


Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

21 Jan 2019 07:46 in response to Anxietyman29

My C19.9 blood test came back as 6.1 normal range is 0-50