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Scared I have lymphoma

7 Dec 2017 20:04

Hi I'm a 26 year old female. I suffer with health anxiety since my step sister died of lymphoma in 2015 age 21. I'm now worried I have it I've been feeling unwell since July doctors put it down to anxiety, now about 3 weeks ago I had a nasty cough and cold went to the doctors he gave 5 day course of antibiotics to cover a chest infection. Three days later under my chin swelled up and hurt went back to doctors he said its my salivary gland and I have a nasty infection. Gave me another 5 day course of anitobotics Said to come back if no improvement. Went back a week after I finished the course with a painful neck travelling down to my back,chest she said I'm probably still gettkng over the infection and booked me in for blood test to check for glandular fever. Went back yesterday it's not glandular fever she said my nodes are still up. I told her about my step sister and I'm worried it's lymphoma and she said it's good I'm thinking of it and it's a possibility Got to go back next week for them to check the nodes. I got referred to a hematologist few weeks bck by my neurologist because he noticed I've had a low white blood count since 2008. So my gp said they are going to write to them to explain about my nodes and hopefully I'll get seen quicker. Does this sound like lymphoma? I'm so worried I'm in so much pain with my neck and back please help

Re: Scared I have lymphoma

9 Dec 2017 19:20 in response to Emma260

Welcome to our forum, Emma260.

I'm very sorry to hear about your step-sister and that you are, given what you saw with her, understandably worried about your health. It is a good thing though that you are being followed by your doctors and that your GP will refer you to a haemotologist so that they can investigate your nodes a bit more in depth.

Until you have a chance to speak to your doctors again try not to get into a panic, if you can, as stress rarely helps matters. Hopefully, our members who have been in a similar situation will soon be along to chat with you and that will help ease your mind a little.

Also, feel free to give our cancer nurses a call if you feel like talking to someone medically trained might help, they're available on this phone number 0808 800 4040, Monday - Friday between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

And last, but not least, good luck with your appointment next week. Once you know more, come back and give us an update on how you're getting on.

All the best,

Renata, Cancer Chat Moderator