Scared and confused

26 May 2019 17:15


During a routine back MRI last year a cyst was found on my ovary. I had a full hysterectomy minus ovaries in 2010 due to endometriosis but as I was 27 at the time it was felt that is was best to leave ovaries in place. I have felt really ill for over a year now (before the cyst was found) symptoms including lack of appetite feeling full all the time bloating frequently using the loo weeing constipated exhausted constantly pain in my back and nausea . When I first has a CA125 done it was 35 and no one sent me to have further testing even though doctors knew I had a cyst. I have now had a repeat of the CA125 and it is higher and symptoms are worse and pain is excruciating I have a scan on Tuesday finally bit only after pushing from me and having so many other tests done that have come back clear and being told I have IBS which I don't think I have and have said all along. I am really confused why I wasn't sent for a scan following the initial find in the first place and am now scared that what may have been a simple cyst could be potentially worse can anyone help or been in the same situation thanks x