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6 Dec 2017 00:22

It feels like a week since I was told I had a tumour behind my eye but it's only yesterday. I don't know if it's benign or cancerous. I just feel in limbo. My consultant is running test but there's a bit of a wait for an MMR. I'm scared and everyone says stay positive. But I can't I don't. I like to run through and talk about every possible scenario. How I'm going to deal with it, what I'm going to do. My family are uncomfortable about it, my partner freezes over but I need that harsh reality. I have lost my mum and my nan to this, my sister is fighting cancer and now maybe it's my turn. 

Re: Scared

6 Dec 2017 03:12 in response to Luke84

The unknown is a scary place ...everyone get's told to 'stay positive' ,it is the standard comment easy to say and so hard to do !! Try to live in the moment,the present ...just you getting through the day ...fixating on family members and planning for 101 different outcomes is emotionally draining ...i know this !! I hope your results bring good news ,thinking of you xx

Re: Scared

6 Dec 2017 20:38 in response to paulao

Hi I am in exactly same place as you atm my mri is tomorrow morning can I ask have you got pains in your ears at all ??