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12 Apr 2019 16:51


Please advise because I'm going nuts.

Have had  pain and cramps for ages. Bleeding between periods had odd discharge for a few months getting progressively worse.  Had a smear last June all clear.

(Have had lost of issues, cyst on ovary. Had one ovary out. Endometriosis etc. Drs haven't had my notes for 2.5 years from previous Dr where I had all work done. So haven't looked to closely at anything)

Went back to Dr re bleeding cramps etc so she gave me an internal. She said I had a large leison on my cervix so has referred me to the urgent referral gyny place for tests. 

I know no one can give me a diagnosis but can someone give me the probability of it being cancer? 



12 Apr 2019 19:24 in response to Ratchetpie

Hi Ratchetpie

Sorry to hear about all the issues you’ve been having, but having an urgent referral to a gynaecologist is really the best thing to find out what’s happening. I’m not a nurse, but I don’t think the nurses would be in any position to tell you about probabilities of you having cancer or not. I know it’s difficult waiting for appointments, but please try not to let your mind run away with you. There are reasons other than cancer for your symptoms, but if it is cancer then there will be treatment and also plenty support on this site. Hope you get your appointment soon. x



15 Apr 2019 11:53 in response to Ratchetpie


I don't have anything to add to the excellent and kind suggestions that Minska has made.  It is really difficult waiting for appointments and tests and not knowing what is going on. Try not to worry too much, the good thing is that your doctor is taking things seriously and getting appointments sorted out for you.

Take care



15 Apr 2019 15:10 in response to Ratchetpie

Hello and thanks for your post

I am sorry to learn that you are worried about this. Many people contact us because they are concerned that symptoms they have might be caused by cancer. As nurses, we are unable to diagnose anyone.

Although this is an anxious time for you, in most cases it will be caused by something else other than cancer. But it is always sensible to get a referral to a specialist for assessment and further advice. Even if it turns out to be some abnormal cells there, this can be successfully treated, so try to not over worry. 

I hope you know more about your situation soon. If we can help in any other way please do contact us again. If you would prefer to speak to one of the nurses directly, you can telephone us on 0808 800 4040. We are here from Monday to Friday

Best wishes