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12 Feb 2019 08:59

After going through a breast cancer scare which resulted in having a lumpectomy with final results being a benign tumour I want to give something back! So on May 11th three friends and I are doing the London moonwalk 26.2 miles and hoping to raise lots of money. Things like this wonderful forum helped me so much during that scary time and without money they wouldn’t be able to carry on. So just giving a little bit back.

Big hugs to all you brave people reading this whatever stage you are at in this rollercoaster of a journey x 

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14 Feb 2019 13:17 in response to Beachbabe

Hello Beachbabe,

I just want to take a moment to say thank you for taking the steps (literally) to help us fight cancer and also for being a part of our community. Your contributions to our little forum are invaluable, we're so lucky to have you.

I know the walk is still some months away but on behalf of everyone here at Cancer Chat I want to wish you the best of luck for May 11th. And if you find a moment don't forget to share some pictures with us! Happy

Best wishes,

Renata, Cancer Chat Moderator

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14 Feb 2019 18:12 in response to Moderator Renata

Thank you for your reply means a lot! Will definitely post some photos! Without this forum I know I wouldn’t have been able to cope how I did. Glad I can help a little bit x 

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18 Feb 2019 11:17 in response to Beachbabe

Hi Beachbabe

Its great that you are raising money in this way, it has given me some inspiration to do something positive after having a similar experience.

I wanted to ask you how you felt in the weeks/months following the lumpectomy and positive results, as I have been so emotional and felt quite depressed, which I can't understand as the tumour was benign and I should be happy!  I feel guilty that I'm ok when others are not so fortunate, i'm usually a strong person, and I wish I could snap out of it !!

Could be the shock or it all or the menopause i suppose as 49 soon, or i just need a kick up the bum Happy

Anyhow, doing something positive may be the answer....

Thanks Em

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18 Feb 2019 20:42 in response to weewitchie

Hi Em Thank you for your reply. I totally know how your feeling. I have a friend who’s a counsellor who I went and saw. I think even though ours was benign we still went through everything like those who’s don’t have such a good outcome. I was told it is a massive thing for anyone to go through and not something you can just forget. 

I went through a “paranoid” stage where I was checking myself nearly every other day! Now I do it every 2 weeks! I found another lump a couple months after getting all clear in other breast, I was totally devastated couldn’t talk. Thankfully it’s a cyst but it’s still there and I don’t think I will relax about it till I have my first mammogram in May, my yearly one that I now have. Don’t think I could cry anymore I cried so much at start of this journey right to now. I had my 49th birthday between biopsies and getting results I was convinced I wouldn’t see my 50th but now I am going to embrace being 50! X  

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19 Feb 2019 16:40 in response to Beachbabe


Before this happened I never checked for lumps and when i was told I had one I was too scared to feel it.  Even now I am too scared to check, although I know I will need to start checking soon as things have healed up.

I convinced myself it was going to be the worst possible news, as I thought it was better to prepare myself and my mind just went to the darkest possible outcome.  Now I feel like I've been run over and can't get back up !

Like you I certainly won't be worrying about my approaching 50th and hope eventually this will give me a positive outlook on life, no matter how wrinkly I get I'll be grateful Happy



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19 Feb 2019 20:06 in response to weewitchie

Does make you look at life differently. It’s a big shock to your mind and body. Think we all think it will not happen to us but to someone else then bang it’s us going through it. Please don’t be hard on yourself you have been through a lot just give yourself some time x 

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19 Feb 2019 20:26 in response to Beachbabe

Well done Beachbabe on doing your Moonwalk. I did the Race for Life last year just three months after completing my radiotherapy and  two weeks before my 70th birthday.

Like you I felt the need to give a little back after the wonderful treatment I received. Am now expecting my first annual mammogram any time soon and have to admit I'm feeling a little nervous even though I'm now cured. On top of that my daughter is waiting for biopsy results after calcifications showed up on her mammogram. It suddenly brings back all the feelings I had when I had mine that were buried deep in the back of my mind. She gets the results next week so fingers crossed for her.

Good luck with your Moonwalk - Irene x

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19 Feb 2019 20:33 in response to Irene70

Thank you Irene. I have done race for life about 8 times but the moonwalk will be personal to me after last year. Not sure how I will feel when I get my letter for my mammogram, probably the same as you. Fingers crossed for your daughters results please let us know how she gets on x 

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20 Feb 2019 16:06 in response to Beachbabe

Thank you for support, its helped me get things in perspective !

Well done with all the activities, I will need to find a way to help... I'll look what's going on in my area.

Good luck with the Moonwalk...

Best wishes Em x

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20 Feb 2019 23:25 in response to weewitchie

Thank you please let us know how it goes x 

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27 Feb 2019 20:49 in response to Beachbabe

hi Beachbabe

Hope you're well. My daughter got her results today. Sadly invasive ductal carcinoma. To say we're all devastated is an understatement.

It's only 12 months since my treatment and it's the last thing we expected. At the moment she only knows that she will be having a lumpectomy. The surgeon says it's very early and small so hopefully the outcome will be a positive one.

Never expected this. As a parent you just want ot protect your children and I'd take the hit first any day over my kids.

Got to keep posistve for her but I feel worse about this than I did for myself - Irene x


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27 Feb 2019 22:55 in response to Irene70

I am so sorry to read your post. Totally agree you would rather be ill yourself than your children. Least you are there to support her. Together you will get through it. 

Unfortunately I am now going through the waiting game again. I had a lump removed off my nose Monday, , they thought it was a cyst but they found a 3cm growth. All been  removed and I get results 21st March. Feeling very numb at moment but keeping positive x 

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27 Feb 2019 23:33 in response to Beachbabe

Oh my Beachbabe. I'm so sorry to hear that. Does this thing ever end? I'm convinced that there is a cancer gene in our family.

My dad died of lung cancer. My brother has had testicular cancer and is now having treatment for a melanoma. He has to have further surgery on Friday involving radioactive dye to make sure it's not gone into his bloodstream. My own breast cancer and now my daughter. 

Will keep up the positivity but it sometimes seems like you're treading water going nowhere.

21st March seems like forever away at the moment but it will come round soon enough. Keep up the spirits (maybe gin!) and let us know how you get on - Irene x

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27 Feb 2019 23:44 in response to Irene70

It does make you wonder if there is a family gene. Have you spoke to your doctor and asked if you could all be tested? A friend of mine has lost 3 family members to cancer and now he has been told he has the same gene. So more high risk. Three weeks tomorrow just want to know but I did say to my mum last time was benign so good chance this will be. Think once the shock wears off and numbness sure I feel better. Plus at moment my face is sore from operation and where they put injections to numb the area x