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sarcoma cancer

15 Sep 2019 10:12

Hi Forum,

Both my wife (Jan) and I are UK born, but we have lived in Melbourne (several times the worlds most livable City) since 1991 and it is truly wonderful. We will never lose our love for the UK though and travel back when we can (money permitting), but very recently Jan has been diagnosed with a rare cancer sarcoma and I wondered if anyone on the forum had heard of/or has some knowledge of this "one"?.

As far as we can find out, it's not (yet) a curable cancer but one that Chemo might keep in check for some years, but its scary for my wife and indeed me, as it's rather less "researched" that some other forms of more common cancer so any information would be great!!

From our side happy to share with anyone our experiences in/of Australia (we have kangaroos on our grass most days) and to give a you "taste" of the place, if any of you might be seeking to migrate or even visit her as "therapy" on a similar cancer "journey"!!

Best wishes to ALL on this forum!!


Mal  XX

sarcoma cancer

17 Sep 2019 12:18 in response to Mal234

Hello Mal234,

Welcome to Cancer Chat and I'm sorry to hear about your wife. There are different types of sarcoma, with ones affecting soft tissues or the bones. Sarcoma UK offers resources and has a helpline if you have questions. Also if you wish to contact our team of nurses via the form here. Hopefully our members can share their experiences as well.

Wishing you and Jan all the best,

Moderator Anastasia

sarcoma cancer

18 Sep 2019 00:20 in response to Mal234

Hi Anastasia,

I very much appreciate your reply and advice and would indeed like to further discuss the details of my wife's sarcome, but whilst we are both UK born, I see that in fact your cancer nurses can only advise for UK residents and we currently live in Australia as my original post indicated.

So, not really sure how I can get any more information, The exact type of cancer she has is an Angio sarcoma, if you might beable to point me in any direction for more advice/suggestions on that specific "strain" of sarcoma....?..

Again, many thanks.......