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Right sided bowel cancer

21 Dec 2017 13:22


  I'm hoping to hear other people's experiences with symptoms and bring diagnosed with right sided bowel cancer, if possible. 

I am 32, so I don't think my GP is taking me seriously. 

I had a colonoscopy 2years ago for a change in bowel habit and intermittent swelling in the right lower abdomen, after seeing a private surgeon. It was normal and biopsies normal too. Very reassuring at the time. I've been well since then until 5 months ago when I developed a constant pain in the right hand side. It is pretty much always there, a dull ache, and much worse when I'm moving around, and I can feel a sensation of fullness there in the area of pain. I can also now feel my right side colon all the way up to my ribs which is new. The last few days I've had a stabbing pain around my liver and collar bone too.

I know it must be hard for those with diagnoses to try to answer and reassure us worriers, and it is really helpful and kind. 

I just hate being brushed off because I'm young.

Going to see a private colorectal surgeon again in 2 weeks which is next available, which will be worth every penny. 

Re: Right sided bowel cancer

21 Dec 2017 20:25 in response to Tad85

Hello, I was going to suggest that you seek a different opinion which is what you are doing.  My son was fobbed off by our gp surgery for over a year turned away from a&e twice and I urge you not to accept lacklustre response, you need to have a colonoscopy at the very least so that you can hopefully put your mind to rest.  Sending you good thoughts and hope the festive season is all that you would want it to be


Re: Right sided bowel cancer

21 Dec 2017 22:03 in response to sadmum

Thanks for your reply Leslie. And sorry to hear about

your son. Do you mind sharing his story? Symptoms etc. It is a worry when you're told you're too young and you don't want to be a hypochondriac but are really worried. 

Re: Right sided bowel cancer

21 Dec 2017 23:32 in response to Tad85

My neice is 37 she has had problems for a good  few years she has had many colonoscopy i this time she hasn't got cancer but  ibd and had very bad time with this blood in poop etc and severe pain 

im 48 myself I was having bowel issues I was seen within 4 weeks but my mum died at 57 with bowel cancer so I don't know if that why I was seen I'm still wating on biopsies result 

I would see another doctor at the practice and push the issue 

good luck 


Re: Right sided bowel cancer

22 Dec 2017 08:47 in response to samdougie

Thank you for your reply. I have chosen to go privately so will see a specialist on Jan 2nd. 

I hope you get positive news with regards to your biopsies. And manage to have a nice Christmas if you celebrate  

It is such a worry all this!

Re: Right sided bowel cancer

30 Dec 2017 22:16 in response to Tad85

Very upset to hear today that the consultant has cancelled his clinic on the 2nd and now I will have to wait until then to be able to even book another appointment which will probably be another few weeks away.... 

Re: Right sided bowel cancer

3 Jan 2018 19:52 in response to Tad85

Hello, I Too Have The Same Pain But Mine Is On My Left Have Side. It Feels As Though I Have A Stitch Like Feeling Just Below My Ribs At The Side And Also A Swollen Weird Feeling There... The Dr Thinks It’s IBS And Has Told Me To Follow The FODMAP Diet For Three Weeks. I’ve Also Got To Have Bloods Taken, Stool Saple And An Ultrasound. Such A Worrying Time

Re: Right sided bowel cancer

3 Jan 2018 21:17 in response to budmoo

Hi budmoo

I am a long-time sufferer from IBS, so I am very familiar with its symptoms. From your description of the symptoms it sound like that's what you've got, but other things have to be actively excluded before your GP can be sure it's the correct diagnosis. Your GP is doing the right thing in ordering blood tests, stool test, and an ultrasound; please try not to worry about these tests. They're just routine. I've had all these tests done, and a colonoscopy too, and there's no cancer - just IBS. 

I tried the FODMAP diet in 2017, but three weeks really isn't sufficient time to tell if it's going to help. I think I was on it for a period of 2-3 months before I started reintroducing food groups. I'm not at all sure that you'll learn anything in just three weeks. It's also a very restrictive diet, which takes some planning before you can even start it, so it's not just something you can dip into and out of.