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Remove of a lung - my experience

13 Aug 2019 10:21

 I don't know if this is in the right place.   But just to reassure anyone going through this.   I had this done on the 8 August and I'm home 13 August. Nothing to be afraid of I know you will but honestly  it's fine I had the open surgery so I look like iv had a fight with a shark. . The answer is keep on top of your pain relive the nurses will do that for you  but when you come keep it going   if you have any questions I can help with just ask this is a very scary time for us all x

Remove of a lung - my experience

15 Aug 2019 09:00 in response to Samted

Hi Samted,

Thank you for sharing your experience - it's always so nice to see positive stories and it's lovely when people take the time to share a positive experience to help others.

Wishing you all the best for your continued recovery.

Cancer Chat Moderator

Remove of a lung - my experience

15 Aug 2019 23:24 in response to Moderator Ben

Thank you x

Remove of a lung - my experience

11 Dec 2019 21:09 in response to Samted

Hi there,

Thank you so much for offering reassurance to others in a similar situation.

I am having my left lung removed tomorrow morning (although the surgeon has said it will be tricky due to the position of my ( large) tumour so she might not be able to do it.)

I suppose I don’t have to tell you how scared I am. Scared, but determined to get through it, whatever happens.

I was absolutely fine 10 weeks ago when all this started with a slight wheeze and mild cough and now my entire family are holding their collective breath and I can’t move across a room without uncontrollable coughing and wheezing.

My fear of the operation and the aftermath is currently not as bad my fear of in not happening and having to live with the breathing issues with a large inoperable tumour.

Thank you again 

Joy x



Remove of a lung - my experience

11 Dec 2019 21:55 in response to anotherspring

Good luck for tomorrow.

Let us know how you go.

Remove of a lung - my experience

11 Dec 2019 23:04 in response to anotherspring

Bless you it's a very scary time. Best thing I can tell you is just keep thinking this time tomorrow it will all be over.  Breathing wise it will still be  bad until you and your body learn to cope with it the stairs a nightmare till you master them  and you will I wish the very best of luck xxx