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Refusing treatment.

23 Jan 2023 22:02

As anyone else decided to refuse breast cancer treatment or any other cancer treatment or us just me, am I the only oddball ? 

Refusing treatment.

23 Jan 2023 22:22 in response to ElNaGu

Hi einagu 

I'm sorry to hear your situation I read on another post 

It's entirely personal choice in taking treatment in my case I took everything they had for me as I have a husband and a son I owe it to them I could not let them suffer for my unlucky diagnosis.

why do you not want treatment are you scared if treatment side effects or something ? 
 Do you have children? 

love Lara ❤️

Refusing treatment.

24 Jan 2023 01:28 in response to ElNaGu

No, I did in 2012. Until 2020 I put it to the back of my mind. I had no pain, though it was obvious something was going on.

Then I started getting odd pains in my back, chest that GP thought was arthritis. By 2022 it was confirmed as breast cancer metastases to the spine.

I am now slowly approaching things from the Stage 4 end, so I wouldn't recommend anyone else doing it.

Letrozole only at the moment. A farce trying to get the right brand. Only Cipla and Femara seem to not contain three constituents that all or most of the others do, and which literally have made me as depressed as hell. But it seems you only get a generic brand and cannot specify a certain one, ie like Cipla. I am not taking more of it to leave me how I was feeling on it and no one is offering any help.

Refusing treatment.

24 Jan 2023 08:40 in response to laraj

Hi Lara,

Thank you for replying  :) 

I do indeed have children, afult children and a wife they all respect my decision,  I'd told them all from the very first diagnosis of breast cancer. 

I suffer enough with other health issues and my quality of life isn't the best most days , I know the side effects of cancer medication isn't nice and will make things worse and I don't want that,  I'd decided long ago that if I was ever unfortunate enough to get cancer I'd not undergo treatment so its not a new decision. 

I tried Letrozole which turned me into a 95 year old stroke victim and made my quality of life far worse than what it currently is and the oncologist told me to stop it,  I react to most medications .


Take care

Refusing treatment.

24 Jan 2023 08:53 in response to ISABEEBEE

I am stage 4 , I have mets to the lungs, nowhere else at the moment. 

I also tried Letrozole but it turned me into a 95yr old stroke victim and I reacted badly to it so the oncologist told me to stop it,  he offered tamoxifen instead which I refused and now he's retired so I've yet to met a new one and see what he or she as to say but I already know I'll refuse it anyway .

Refusing treatment.

24 Jan 2023 22:49 in response to ElNaGu

Have you considered trying another brand of letrozole? It's amazing how a different brand of the same drug can have such different side effects, from minor to severe, I know from my own experience.