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22 May 2019 16:55

Hi all, 

I'm in a bit of a pickle...I'm a 36 yr old female who's never smoked and doesn't drink alcohol. I constantly have this feeling in the back of my throat like there's 'something stuck', I don't have any pain or any visable lumps. I visited the ENT yesterday and had the camera up the nose (bit of on odd feeling that!). The consultant said I have a 'tonsil like texture' on the very back of my tongue (where the tongue begins to enter the throat) and he wants to send me for a scan.  He didn't give me any indication if it's something to worry about, when I asked him should I be worried, he replied "someone your age shouldn't have this" mind is in overdrive!

Has anyone had this type of thing? All the threads I've read on here have some kind of lump or pain involved...I don't have pain or lumps, I'm just looking for a little reassurance as to what to expect.

Thanks in advance Happy