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Referred for further tests after vaginal ultrasound

19 Apr 2022 15:21

I have been suffering from very heavy periods the past few months, I felt really weak and also shortness of breath. I had blood tests and showed I was anaemic. GP prescribed high dosage iron tablets and feeling really good again, however he wanted to get to root cause of blood loss.  Had a smear and all well and then just Friday gone I had a vaginal ultrasound and sonographer didn't say much. Fast forward to today I received a text asking me to call my GP for my scan results. Managed to get an appointment today and GP said there is a lump on my womb. He tried to reassure me saying it's probably a fibroid but has referred me to a gyno for further tests and to rule out cancer.  Symptoms I currently have. Very heavy bleeding during period lasting for approx 10 days and very bad cramps. I didn't have any abnormal bleeding, I also have no other pain and have not lost appetite or lost weight.  As my GP used the words urgent referral (2 weeks) I am absolutely terrified and have cried non stop since speaking with him.  I am 48 years old and not post menopausal. Can someone please let me know of you have experienced similar. 

Referred for further tests after vaginal ultrasound

19 Apr 2022 17:36 in response to Kralce

Hi Kralce

It sounds as though we are going through a similar experience just now. I'm also 48yrs and not post menopausal. I've had heavy irregular bleeding in the last couple of months and also ongoing lighter bleeding since Xmas time although since the heavier recent bleeds that seems to have stopped. 
I had a scan last Wednesday after an exam with the nurse at GP surgery and had a call today to say that my GP has referred me to see the consultant but no more information. I'm waiting now for them to send me a letter I hadn't heard anything from the GP when I got the call. I was also unable to get through to my GP surgery today as so busy but I think it's unlikely they'll be able to tell me anything so looks like it's going to be an anxious wait for the letter to come through. Do let me know how you get on, it's so scary isn't it. 

Referred for further tests after vaginal ultrasound

19 Apr 2022 17:52 in response to Ammelou

Ammelou, Sorry to hear you are going through this too. It's awful and you automatically think the worst case scenario.  I'm praying it's a fibroid/cyst or something that can be treated.

When I spoke to my GP today, he said it's probably just a fibroid but they need to rule out cancer.  Part of me thinks he is just saying this to reduce the anxiety between now and the hospital appointment. He did say if I haven't heard anything by next Monday to ring the surgery and they will chase up, so at least it sounds like it's going to be a quick process.

Do you have any other symptoms? Without going into too much info, do you also have a lot of clots? I bled so much it made me anemic.

please keep me posted and I will also let you know how I get on.


Referred for further tests after vaginal ultrasound

19 Apr 2022 18:21 in response to Kralce

Just managed to get hold of the surgery before they closed! The receptionist was very nice and said she would ask GP to translate the findings because it was clinical and she didn't understand what it was saying. Hopefully will hear something tomorrow from that, I don't think she was fobbing me off she just didn't seem to know what it meant. 
I did have some quite bad clotting after the prescribing nurse prescribed transexamic acid after my first exam ironically to try and help stop the ongoing light bleeding. I ended up with the worst bleeding I've ever had after taking that. That lasted 8-9 days, then a 2 week break with no bleeding then another heavy bleed (not much clotting though) for 5-6 days and now a few days of no bleeding. Something just feels wrong though with my uterus, it's not really painful but I can feel a pressure inside and on the outside I think a slight lumpy bit but can't be sure. They didn't say much at all with the scan, it was more about getting it all done for the images etc of course. My iron levels came back borderline (before the heavy bleeds!) and I take the prescription iron but I wasn't feeling too bad with that side of things so didn't notice much of anything there. Other bloods all ok etc. 

Last year I'd had longer and shorter cycles etc as I'm  sure I must be well into peri menopause but I don't take HRT.

Let's keep in touch on here, I wish you all the best! 

Referred for further tests after vaginal ultrasound

19 Apr 2022 18:54 in response to Ammelou

Pleased you got through to the surgery and hopefully your GP can shed some further light when you speak with them. 
We definitely sound like we are going through the same thing (although I've not had an on-going light period) and although it's not a great place to be for either of us, it was so nice to hear from you and learn about your experience to date.  When I speak with my partner and my Mum, they are both very concerned and trying to be positive, but I think it's so easy to be unless you are going through this.. Im putting on a brave(ish) face, but inside I am crying.

I'm not feeling anything with my uterus (as you have mentioned) and I probably wouldn't have even gone to the doctors had it not been for the anaemia... for some reason I had convinced myself this was pre menopausal symptoms... so pleased I went.

I too am also taking tranexamic acid and last period was much better in terms of it slowed the flow, so that's definitely working.  Cramps were horrific though and even though im still working from home, I called in sick (im never off) as it didn't matter what position I was in, the pain was horrendous and painkillers didn't even touch it.

I'll definitely keep in touch on here and please let me know how you get on tomorrow once you've spoken with your GP.

take care and sending positive thoughts your way 

Referred for further tests after vaginal ultrasound

20 Apr 2022 14:40 in response to Ammelou

Ammelou, I've just received my appointment via post. It's Friday 29th April. 

Referred for further tests after vaginal ultrasound

20 Apr 2022 16:48 in response to Kralce

I'm glad that's come through for you Kralce & that it's not too far away but I appreciate it's still 9 days of worry. Let's hope it goes well & you get the information you need to put your mind at rest.

I spoke to my prescribing nurse today ( who seems to do everything peri/ menopause related and she was very apologetic that I'd got a call from the hospital before she'd rung me. She didn't think they'd be in touch for a few days. It seems that they can only see that the uterine lining is quite thick (I remember from the ultrasound it was 15). So she'd referred me to try and get some help with that. No sign of fibroids or polyps etc so I guess it's the 'bulky uterus' I'm aware of ( I loathe that term!). It's not usually harmful but I know they are not keen on it being too thick as it can lead to problems. 

she's also prescribed progesterone to stop bleeding this time, I'm not rushing to take this as I've had a few days with no bleeding and I don't want to interfere but at least I can try it when it inevitably kicks off again.

I'll let you know when I get my letter through but I'm always about if you need a place to talk. I know it's difficult not wanting to worry family ( I haven't even told my mum, I couldn't face it!) 

Referred for further tests after vaginal ultrasound

20 Apr 2022 20:14 in response to Ammelou

Hey, so pleased you got to speak with someone and get some answers.  I have a colleague who is going through the same and she was saying (if an op is required) the operation is apparently pretty straightforward. 
Hoping everything goes well for you and thank you very much for the offer to talk, it's very much appreciated.

please keep in touch and let me know how you get on. I'll also let you know how I get on next week.  I'm absolutely terrified and also banned myself from google Sad

Referred for further tests after vaginal ultrasound

28 Apr 2022 09:47 in response to Kralce

Hi Kralce, wishing you the best for your appointment tomorrow. I got my letter through for the consultant in mid May, so will see what they have to say then! Take care xx

Referred for further tests after vaginal ultrasound

28 Apr 2022 10:10 in response to Ammelou

Thank you Ammelou, thank you for the well wishes.  I am so scared and cannot stop thinking the absolute worst.

Period also started yesterday, so really not looking forward to the examinations.

Was actually just about to ring my single point of contact when your message came through as still don't know what tests they are doing (the letter doesn't say) tomorrow. 

 hope all goes well for you in May and sending my very best wishes and positive thoughts. 

Referred for further tests after vaginal ultrasound

29 Apr 2022 15:58 in response to Ammelou

Hi Ammelou,

So I went to my appointment today and the Gyno went through my scan and covered my history.

lining of womb looks fine, there is a polyp and some fibroids.

She attempted an internal, but I was so anxious it really hurt and was unsuccessful. I'm getting booked in for an op to remove the polyp in 4-6 weeks. At the same time they will take biopsies and also fit me with the marina coil, which will see me through to menopause (she also prescribed me the pill today for the bleeding) 

Gyno was so reassuring, I have finally calmed down as literally have been crying for 10 days.

Referred for further tests after vaginal ultrasound

29 Apr 2022 18:39 in response to Kralce

Glad to hear things are moving forwards Kralce, also positive that those things can all be done at the same time. Sorry to hear how stressful it was but I'm glad that they were empathic, it's so scary. Also will be good if the pill and marina help with the bleeding.

Will you have an anestheic for the next part ? Hope you can relax a bit now that you know a bit more!

I'm messaging from A&E where I've been for the last 4 hrs with weird chest pain that's been going on all week. I was at work and thought I was going to lose consciousness. Honestly I'm utterly sick of myself! The weird thing is I'm in the best health I've been in ages in terms of looking after myself, healthy food, lots of exercise, good weight etc but I'm falling apart! 


Referred for further tests after vaginal ultrasound

29 Apr 2022 19:21 in response to Ammelou

Oh I hope you are ok and get sorted. Have you been tested for anaemia? That's how I first ended up at the GP. I couldn't breathe and had a fluttering feeling in my chest. Turns out I was anaemic because of the blood loss.  So sorry to hear you are going through all of this and hope you get sorted at A&E.

I will be having general anaesthetic. Never had that before.

made a promise to myself today to get healthy and move more. 

you take care and please let me know how you get on. Thinking of you 


Referred for further tests after vaginal ultrasound

24 May 2022 08:01 in response to Kralce

Amelou I had my surgery yesterday.  Just waiting on results from biopsy now.  I hope you are feeling better since we last messaged. Have been thinking about you.

Referred for further tests after vaginal ultrasound

24 May 2022 10:47 in response to Kralce

Hi Kralce, good to hear you have had your surgery. I hope it went ok? How are you feeling? It must have been very scary.

I had my consultation with the consultant yesterday, it was fine, they want to do another follow up scan as I have not had one when I haven't been bleeding to check on the uterus lining again and I'm pleased to have that for my own peace of mind too. She did reassure me though that it wasn't at a level that was too concerning. If that comes back ok they are going to leave things alone for now. The nurse had prescribed me progesterone to try and stop the bleeding but typically I then started to go into normal cycles again so I didn't start it. I thought yesterday they would suggest the coil but they didn't.

That time in A&E was very odd! I had lots of tests /X-rays etc anc all was ok, they thought it was muscular (which I originally did too until I'd had weird feelings of passing out so thought they must be connected). I think now they were separate things and the feelings of passing out were peri menopause related. 
Do let me know how you get on (I remember you were having the coil fitted also) and I wish you all the best for your results xx