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24 Jan 2023 20:49

Hi, I'm 39 and currently breastfeeding my third baby. During Christmastime I found a lump which I assumed to be a blocked milk duct. When it didn't go anywhere after a couple of weeks, I saw my GP who has since referred me to the breast clinic. I've been keeping myself busy (no option with my three small people around Happy), but the appointment is tomorrow morning and over the last few days I've felt increasingly anxious and now am sick to my stomach. I just came in here to ask if anyone might know how long I might expect to be at my appointment tomorrow - my baby is still quite small and not sure how long I'll be able to leave him with my husband - he'll need feeding. I now feel a bit silly for not asking sooner. GP has said they will do initial appt, ultrasound/mammogram then biopsy and bloods. It's only just occurred to me that this might take quite a long time! Does anyone know roughly how long I might be in there? Thanks so much.

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24 Jan 2023 21:02 in response to magdarosario


When I read nhs website it says allow up

to 3 hours  hope all goes well I have my appointment on Thursday let me know how things go and good luck ❤️

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24 Jan 2023 21:27 in response to Chellbell

Thank you, that's definitely manageable as a maximum time and has eased my worry about leaving baby. Will let you know and good luck back at you ❤️

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24 Jan 2023 22:54 in response to magdarosario

Some breast clinics can run over the 3 hours as things are busy, busy, busy just now. My wife was surrounded by people who were in for around 5 hours. All her appointments have ran over recently. Not saying that to put you on a downer, but what the NHS website say, and the actual reality can be two different things at times. So if you can. I'd make plans just in case as they won't hurry you in a room.

Although we don't have a baby, we have a young daughter and I had to make other plans for our kid as my wife's original appointment went from 3 hours to 7 hours and i had to go in to meet her in the end. It depends on a few variables, too.


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24 Jan 2023 23:31 in response to ProfBaw

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I suppose if it came to that, my husband would be allowed to bring me the baby to feed him hopefully ... good to have a heads up that this might be a possibility, thank you. I hope your wife is ok 

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24 Jan 2023 23:53 in response to magdarosario

Yeah, they'd allow that. We had a woman next to us that did exactly that. Her hubby came in with the kid, and she fed the baby.

You could be taken and done and dusted in 3 hours, or even under. But it's better just to be prepared for the longer wait.