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Referral on Wednesday

7 Aug 2021 22:04

Hey all 


So glad I found this! I have my appointment on Wednesday and im so scared! The letter doesn't mention anything about what to expect! Im 25, my smear test was clear then started bleeding after intercourse. Gp said my discharge was very thick and cervix is very lumpy... what can I expect at my appointment? Xx

Referral on Wednesday

8 Aug 2021 10:12 in response to Jumpergirl96

Hi hope your okay. I am sort of in the same boat as you but I haven't had my smear results back yet as it was only done on Thursday. During my smear, I bled and she said I had a cervical ectropian which I know is very common. When doing an internal, she commented my cervix was bulky which has obviously scared the life out of me! So now on the two week referral! Oh the joyIts great your snear was normal!! Did they do an internal with you? I think you will be similar to me and they will take a better look of it in Gynaecology. Xx

Referral on Wednesday

8 Aug 2021 23:04 in response to Cat84

Hey sweet, I'm doing OK! Trying to keep my head up!! They did a small internal at gp but apparently the gynaecology guys will be more thorough. Will update so more people know when to expect xx