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Rectal pain pressure

19 Sep 2019 11:53 in response to lisa12

Hi. Since I last wrote I’ve had 4 different doctors examine me and nothing can be seen, ie no polyps no tummy lumps. I had a routine cancer test, the one you get sent in the post and they found blood in the stool sample. I hadn’t seen this but it showed in the lab. Ive seen a consultant who also examined me and he used a camera prob. But couldn’t see anything either. Now I have to have a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis and then a colonoscopy. I’m also having an ultra sound. So lots of tests. I’m hoping of course that something will show up on these tests although in a funny way live with the thought it will all go away and the pain will stop. I’m managing with mild pain killers. I can post again after my tests. So what I’m feeling is a discomfort on my bottom so sitting is very uncomfortable, and an ache on the left side bone at the bottom of my pelvis.  I have various poo sizes from hard noguts to really soft and always feel there’s more to come and bowels not emptied fully. It’s horrible explaining all this but if it helps anyone else with worries then it’s not a problem. 

Rectal pain pressure

19 Sep 2019 14:00 in response to jp7

Everything you describe is myself.  I paid for a private FIT test which came back at 10ug.  Ive just today managed to get a private consultation for Wednesday. Im beside myself.  I too have the left sided pelvic pain in addition to leg and buttocks and sometimes up to flank  I also feel like my bowel hasnt fully emptied and feel like im always pressing which is worst on layimg and sitting.  Among gas and gas pains my other strange occurences which i now relate is my folic acid was zero

Please keep me updated and i will you


ETA My stools are 90% loose but formed to some extent and 10% hard but pellet like all into one large stool.

my inflammation bloods came back normal so i can probably rule out Chrons & Colitis 



Rectal pain pressure

23 Oct 2019 00:45 in response to RS467

I have same feelings last 5 years had ct scane, colonscppy, mri scane didn't find aut any abnormalities. But my symptoms r still same constant pressure inside rectum and feels my bowls not empty properly. It's horrible feelings doc gave Me some pain killer but didn't work constant discomfort and pressure all tge time which effects my life quality. 

Rectal pain pressure

25 Oct 2019 22:24 in response to Faheem

Oh my God have exact same thing did u find out what it is terrible constant pain up rectum 3 years now driving me insane low back feel so sick

Rectal pain pressure

8 Nov 2019 11:43 in response to stefjarm

Hi stefjarm!


I have incredibly similar symptoms to you.  Have you had any improvement since your scope and it was just thought to be mild inflammation?    The pressure in the rectum is the strangest thing.   I too went to the doctors, was told it was nothing and just to use sudacrem - the feeling went away for a couple of weeks until I just worried about it a little and it came back.  Could it be psychological?   Any more details of your story would be greatly appreciated.  B

Rectal pain pressure

8 Nov 2019 12:06 in response to BradT

Hi, sorry to hear you're going through this. Trying to get to a diagnosis is so frustrating and it's just human nature to worry and find answers either via Google or through these forums. I've been there and it was, and still is, debilitating! So I no longer have the feeling of pressure or pain, I don't know if that's psychological because I know after a colonoscopy and a MRI of my entire small and large bowel there's nothing untoward there that shouldn't be! That said my bowel movements are so unpredictable, literally anything from water, to rabbit pellets, to worms-shaped stools to absolutely perfect stools could come out and sometimes a mixture of them all on the same day!! I still get pain both before and after bowel movements and often have a feeling of incomplete evacuation. Sometimes it's helped by diet, other times not. I've just come to accept it as IBS and manage it and not stress too much. That said, my anxiety only diminished until after I've had all sorts of tests and scans etc to rule out in my mind anything sinister. It's not particularly pleasant but a colonoscopy and even a digital rectal examination are really useful. I wish you luck!