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Recently diagnosed with breast cancer

30 Oct 2019 06:49 in response to Woollylamb

Hi woollylamb, bigjean and jolamine 

sorry not been on again but have struggled with this paxotaxin or whatever it’s calked. The pain even with strong painkillers is taking me out of action for a few days but my last cycle is next Friday - whoop whoop!! I’m going to hang off that bell lol x 



glad to hear your ops have gone well ladies. My drain was in for about seven days and was a relief when taken out. If you had lymph nodes removed please do the exercises given but don’t push it, take it nice and easy. At first it’s hard and sore and can’t really move the car but over time it just becomes easier. I would say I nearly have full movement back but now it looks like lymphodema so occasionally I am restricted in movement but they have given me an exercise to do for next few weeks to see if it helps.

thank you ladies for being on here. I know I haven’t supported you as much as I would have liked but for me just reading your comments about your journey and your experiences have given me comfort that I wasn’t on my own and y thoughts/fears are natural x 

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer

30 Oct 2019 12:04 in response to Woollylamb

Hi , 

hopefully you get all the stuff out today and you’ll be a lot more comfortable. I’m hoping to get the drain out Thursday or Friday! I’ve taken Tramadol for pain but have been given paracetamol too . It’s great being home , own bed and just being in your own surroundings is bliss . 

We are doing great . 

Take care 

j xx

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer

30 Oct 2019 19:19 in response to BigJean

hi jean so you got home and nurse coming into your house to get drain out yes ? That's good no infection I'm happy for you I have to wait until 18th November it's to discuss my treatment 9am in the morning will find out if they put a bus out for you I know when I went see dermatologist they gave me a bus could not walk up steep hill as I was at clinic they dialled a bus for I will phone tomorrow I'm pleased for you yes when I was in I was so cold 1 thin blanket asked for 2 more was still cold put on my housecoat and slept with it on lol xx

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer

30 Oct 2019 20:45 in response to Jolamine

Hello everyone

I hope it’s ok to join at this stage but I’ve been reading your posts and you’re all clearly such strong inspirational women that I really wanted to join you. (My real name is Helen btw!)

I’ve been recently diagnosed with HR- (I think - it’s hormone driven anyway?) breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy 2 weeks ago but was told today that although the ultrasound scan didn’t show this, it has been found in the lymph node that was taken out during my surgery. Mercifully the margins were clear. Next week I’m going in for another operation to remove the other lymph nodes in my armpit. My mind has gone into overdrive thinking of all the various aches and pains I’ve ever had over the last few years.

To say this is the scariest experience I've ever had would be a huge understatement. I’m frightened of everything. My husband (Steve) is being incredibly supportive but I know this is awful for him too. As you all know though, some days are better than others. (Today isn’t a good day though I’m afraid.)

It’s been helpful to read all your posts and see how you are all supporting each other as it’s showing me that this thing can be kicked into touch with the amazing medical knowledge we have now.  

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer

30 Oct 2019 21:15 in response to WarriorWilko

hi I had a breast tumour removed and lymph nodes I was the opposite not clear margins so another operation they removed cancer tissue but the I got told on the 25th of October clear margins was so relieved don't worry when they take out lymph nodes can't travel  I have had breast cancer twice 9 years clear in right then up pops a pea sized lump time I waited biopsy etc was I over an inch anyway now  seeing treatmen5 doctor on the 18th to discuss my treatment i would just like to say welcome there's women here will keep you right also not a big operation as you have already had the tumour removed they give you a premed so your nic3 and relaxed which is good 9 years ago they gav3 me liquid to drink never worked lol they said to me that's why you get pre med injection relaxes you good luck Lorraine xx

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer

30 Oct 2019 21:28 in response to Lorz

Hi Lorraine

thank you for replying - it’s good to hear from you. I’m glad you’ve been told your margins are clear now - it’s a big relief isn’t it. Good luck with the treatment plan. 

I was a gibbering wreck for my operation a couple of weeks ago but keep telling myself that I came out the other side & was very well looked after so I can do it again. My biggest fear at the moment is that it’s already gone somewhere else so I’m just trying to get that thought process under control. Xx

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer

30 Oct 2019 21:35 in response to WarriorWilko

try and not worry they removed one lymph node already so I'm quite sure they thought you would be okay to wait for another operation I waited 3 weeks the surgeon said to me right after first operation you may need another I was praying no lol they called me back yes need another operation just say to yourself it needs to be done they are going to get rid of this dreadful disease you will be okay or they would have done it there and then if a high risk when are you going in warrior a good name Lorraine x

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer

30 Oct 2019 21:48 in response to Lorz

I’m back in next Thursday. You’re right - they don’t mess round do they. When is yours? And yes, they know what they’re doing and there is so much research now into breast cancer isn’t there. Don’t feel like much of a warrior right now but that’s the aim!!

To be able to talk on here to others who (sadly) are in similar positions may just help me cling onto the last threads of sanity I have left. Thank you. Xx

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer

30 Oct 2019 21:57 in response to WarriorWilko

I read a lot of things on you tube the doctors there do short videos and it calmed me down the USA are so much in front I read a margin probe it's a white device can detect cancer tissue which is great Manchester hospital has it but hopefully the whole uk and Scotland have it too mean less worry for patients and less operations for surgeons the nurse tol£ me they also have a scalpel  with a light  called i scalpol that can show surgeons where cancer cells are I also just read last week the USA and uk top scientists are going to be working together yes they are more advanced than 9 years ago  next Thursday  good just enjoy your time I watch tv listen to music clean etc I'm back up 18th of November they will tell me my treatment then I'm expecting chemotherapy now after tissue was affected still if I lose my hair again I can wear a wig lol too cold to be bald lol xx

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer

30 Oct 2019 22:09 in response to Lorz

The research is fantastic isn’t it. So reassuring. I haven’t read anything about the scalpels you’ve mentioned but that sounds really good. The doctor today mentioned being involved in trials etc but didn’t go into any detail. I’ll definitely be doing something to contribute to the research when this experience is behind me. Steve & I have planned to do the moonwalk so I’ll have to see how I get on with whatever treatment I need but am sure I can shake a bucket somewhere at least!

You're right about keeping busy. I love knitting & it’s quite therapeutic really. I’ve never watched as much daytime telly as I have done over the last month - homes under the hammer every day lol! 

Enjoy chooosing your wig if chemo is in your treatment plan. There are a lot of pretty cool ones around now aren’t there? Xx

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer

30 Oct 2019 22:16 in response to WarriorWilko

I am the same I aim once my treatments is over I want to raise 500: pounds and give it to my hospital you can buy stickers or a can from the site get involved after having breast cancer twice I want to give my hospital a little ty for looking after me I do put good things like jackets clothes etc into the cancer research in town same with heart shop unwanted furniture as heart and cancer is 2 bigest things but that's good you are going to do it too have a good sleep xx Lorraine

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer

30 Oct 2019 22:22 in response to Lorz

Am sure everything helps & I’ll definitely be doing more of that now too. Good for you for doing plenty already! I haven’t seen what can be bought on here but will have a look now. And I’ll definitely be showing whatever gratitude I can to the team who are looking after me during this experience.

It’s been good to talk to you tonight - it’s really helped me, thank you so much. Sorry to have been so self-absorbed - promise not to be so much like that in future posts! 

Have a good sleep too! Xx

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer

30 Oct 2019 22:27 in response to WarriorWilko

Hi warriorwilko 

Sorry to hear you are on this journey. I had a masectomy and lymph node removal back in May and have just had my seventh chemo cycle out of eight. 

The ladies on here have helped me more than they will ever know because they have listened to my fears, spoken openly about their feelings and made me feel like I’m not going mad when I think thevdoc is hiding things from me or every pain or ache is sinister and it’s perfectly normal to feel like this. 

As loz said trying to keep yourself busy helps with trying to lessen the mental state we can get ourselves into. Always here for a chat if you feel you need to vent x 

take care 

juliet x 



Recently diagnosed with breast cancer

30 Oct 2019 23:05 in response to mejules

Hello mejules 

thank you for replying. It’s good to hear from you too & I'm sorry too you’re on this scarey journey too. I’m glad you’re nearly at the end of your chemo & I hope things are now much more positive for you. It’s been useful to read all the previous posts about chemotherapy as it’s been something (before today) that I’ve been terrified of, but I can see with all the support on here that although it does sound extremely challenging, you are all surviving it & trying to stay as positive as possible, which is incredibly inspiring and heartening. 

To normalise some of our common fears must be very helpful as I’ve certainly felt as tho I’m going crazy over the last few weeks since I was diagnosed on the 2nd October & to describe myself as one-track minded would be very accurate. 

Thank you for your offer of chats. I will definitely be back on here. I’ll try my best to offer some support back. Xx

Recently diagnosed with breast cancer

31 Oct 2019 00:26 in response to mejules

Hey Mejules

no need to apologise. just pleased you are ok and know we are here for you if needed. 
Now cycle left.... that's amazing, have you got anything planned to celebrate getting through it. We took the kids off to Centre Parcs for a couple of days as they've not had any time away over the summer with my treatment. I also had a teeny tiny prosecco for one. 
I'm struggling to sleep at the minute and feel like I have a very heavy arm, but I am persevering with the exercises I have been given . Next step for me is pathology results, I want to know that they got all of it. 

Keep going, you are doing amazing.