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Recently diagnosed bc awaiting news if spread

19 Apr 2019 11:10

Hi first post. Recently diagnosed with bc grade 2 no stage as yet. Biopsy taken on lymph nodes yesterday as they are enlarged. Can’t stop crying - thinking it’s spread. Have hot sweats last night which I read is a sign it’s spread. Excuse the pun but the waiting is killing me. If lymph nodes infected got to have mri. Don’t understand why all couldn’t be done together. Have 4 children haven’t told them yet as don’t have any answers. Got it into my head they are going to say stage four and not give me long. Irrational? Not sure why I’m posting really x 

Recently diagnosed bc awaiting news if spread

19 Apr 2019 12:20 in response to mejules

Hi ya ...

Well you sound like we all were early on ... it's really normal to think like that ... please don't Google .. it's the worse case sinarios .... and all them "what ifs" it's like being stuck in a whirlwind and can't get out ..

Now saying all that .. and I really do know, as I even wrote my letters to loved ones .. planned my funeral ..  l was sure I was on the way out. . My son panicked too, calling me 5 times a day .. where I was lucky to get one a month .. my granddaughter who was 5 at the time asked me if I was gonna die .. 

Then one day my daughter in law sat us down and said no more more "what ifs" well take each problem as and when it comes up ... and we'll do it together .... that was the best advice I ever got .. we all stopped panicking.  And yes they where with me every step of the way ... so l got my self a pair of vertual boxing gloves. . Put them on .. got in this cancer boxing ring and looked cancer right in the eye .. I was ready for the fight of my life ... and when l looked round there were loads of us in there .. all doing what they had to to kick cancers ass. . So when your ready .. get them emotions out .. get your boxing gloves on and join us ...

I have a grade 3 her 2 neg oestrogen positive lump ... a total right boob masectomy in July 2017 ... and nearly two years later , my letters to loved ones and my funeral plans are put away somewhere safe .. hopefully for a good while yet ...  theres lots of us on here .. all different stages and treatments ... new and old .. and cancer doesn't want us to stand to gether and be strong... it wants us to lay down and never look up .. it wants us weak ... but it's got another thing comming ... 

Sending you a vertual hug.... Chrissie xx

Recently diagnosed bc awaiting news if spread

19 Apr 2019 12:30 in response to Chriss

Thank you. I think I got my head round having breast cancer as in I can fight this but the thought it has spread is something I can’t get round. It’s not been confirmed either way but yet but that’s what I’m struggling with. I don’t understand why it’s taking so long to do the  investigation. Why when had scan on breasts and my lymph nodes were enlarged who only biopsy on breast and not on lymph nodes too. Week wait for another biopsy. Am I a lost cause so there is no urgency to remove the cancer because there is no hope. I can send myself foo pally with all these questions haha get through the next few days and hopefully hear wed the results x thanks for taking time out to reply xx glad you haven’t had to get out the letters to your loved ones xx 

Recently diagnosed bc awaiting news if spread

19 Apr 2019 13:04 in response to mejules

Hi doctors don't rush about. On 22 Feb 2016 specialist found my cancer. I had bone scan 21 Mar. Mri 30mar. Ct scan 5th May started kemo 2 nd June. Nearly 5 months from finding C to start of treatment. Not bad what do you think.


Recently diagnosed bc awaiting news if spread

19 Apr 2019 13:12 in response to Billygoat

Oh my days that seems such a long time. Go I know there is nothing that can be done but wait. Hope your treatment goes well 

Recently diagnosed bc awaiting news if spread

22 Apr 2019 11:07 in response to mejules


I too was diagnosed just 3 weeks ago today after a 6 week period waiting for referral appointments and the biopsy results. The waiting is so hard. Each day long and exhausting from the worry. Really know how your feeling. X 

Had MRI last week and a CT scan due this week to check no spread. My results/planning appointment on 29th April so another long week at work trying to be normal. 

Keeping busy has helped and having company otherwise I tend to overthink it all if left to my own devices. 

Was told mastectomy at diagnosis at my cancer is 55mm. I have pain in my rib at the back and sharp pain in my lung when taking a deep breath. These, like you,  are worrying me greatly. Fingers crossed we both get better news than our fears xxx



Recently diagnosed bc awaiting news if spread

22 Apr 2019 16:11 in response to

Hi sorry to hear your diagnosis and fully understand the waiting and the worrying. I go Wednesday for results about if in my lymph nodes then I guess I’ll need a mri scan to determine if spread. Already in my mind I have stage four. They haven’t told me size just that’s it large. What determines large? I have oestrogen positive but her2 negative.?no info given but google doesn’t help much either. 

Please try not to worry  as I’m told cancer wants us weaknand we need to remain positive  to fight this horrible disease. Please let me know how you get on on 29th and I’ll update you after mine Wednesday x take care x 

Recently diagnosed bc awaiting news if spread

22 Apr 2019 17:35 in response to mejules

Hi mejulies

Just wanted to say I was in your position 6 months ago. I have 2 children aged 10 and 12. I was diagnosed with a 5.5cm lobular cancer, grade 2. When I had the original mammogram and ultrasound my lymph nodes were also enlarged. I also had biopsies on these and because of the look of them on the ultrasound I also had a CT scan and Bone Scan to check for any spread. All the scans actually came back clear including the lymph node biopsies. In those 2 weeks of waiting for results I'd convinced myself I was stage 4, imagining all sorts of aches and pains.Try not to jump ahead of yourself and take one day at a time.

i finished up with a mastectomy (chose not to have reconstruction for the time being), 3 weeks of radiotherapy and tamoxifen. It all went by in a bit of blur. From diagnosis to finishing treatment was about four and half months. You'll find once treatment plan is in place it will mentally get easier for you.

6 months down the line it's not the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning.

take care x



Recently diagnosed bc awaiting news if spread

22 Apr 2019 19:33 in response to Hope927

This has just made me feel abit more hopeful. I just rethink everything that wasn’t said when I had the lymph scan/biopsy. I was looking for reassurance but didn’t get anything and I get they can’t tell me but I was crying saying I worry it’s stage four and nothing back from the doctor. Then I think back to being told I had gradevteo and they wanted to know what happened when I had my last mammogram 8 months ago at a different hospital as they think it was hiding under the cysts. I think you are right once I know stage etc and if it’s spread to other organs then I know what I’m facing. I could kick myself for not going sooner as I just thought it was another cyst. I haven’t told the children as I don’t know what I’m facing so how can I give them answers but if I’m honest I’m just delaying it in the hope it’s not as bad as I fear x thanks for taking time out to try and reassure me. I hope you are recovering well x 

Recently diagnosed bc awaiting news if spread

22 Apr 2019 20:44 in response to mejules


ok great. Good luck on Wednesday X

Recently diagnosed bc awaiting news if spread

22 Apr 2019 21:10 in response to mejules

Ahh bless you. I fully understand where you are coming from with wanting the reasurrance from the medical staff. I was told as soon as they'd done the mammogram and ultrasound that they believed they were looking at breast cancer. I assumed I'd have to wait for the results. I remember saying it must be really bad if they can tell it's cancer without even getting the biopsy results. There's not really a lot they can tell you about spread and stage etc before all the exploratory stuff has been done, but the chances of being stage 4 at diagnosis is 5%, so a very slim possibility so try and not worry, easier said than done I know. Mentally it's all very tough at first. I found living in the moment and taking pleasure from little things in the day helped me cope. I also kept reminding myself that 1 in 8 women get this disease so it's very common.

As for telling the children, I think everyone has their own way. Mine came sooner than expected. When I went to pick them up from a friends house after the initial mammogram and ultrasound,the first thing they wanted to know was why I'd been so long at the hospital (originally told them I was having some routine womans test). I just told them mums got a lump and shes probably going to have to have an operation to remove it. The first thing my 10 year old said was "is it cancer?". I just said "they're not 100% sure, but they think it might be. But the doctor has said its treatable and all should be fine". I also told them Mums very lucky to live in a time when this can be treated. Apart from a few tears from my 12 year old the next day they coped remarkably well. Yours will too I'm sure.


Recently diagnosed bc awaiting news if spread

28 Apr 2019 15:47 in response to


been thinking about you and how you are holding up? Good luck for tomorrow x everything crossed for you.


take care



Recently diagnosed bc awaiting news if spread

28 Apr 2019 15:53 in response to mejules

Thank you that’s so kind. My appointment has been moved for the second time due to waiting for firstly ct scan then now there is no radiologists to read it so I have not seen anyone since my 15 min diagnosis appointment on 1st April. They hope they will see me Wednesday now but I’m not holding my breath I’ve just given up at this point and trying to carry on as if all is normal. 

Hope it’s going to happen soon and thank you for checking on me. X



Recently diagnosed bc awaiting news if spread

28 Apr 2019 16:35 in response to


sorry to hear your appointment has been moved. I know exactly how frustrating it is as my biopsy results from my lymph nodes have been put back due to bank holiday til this Wednesday. Think we both just want to know what we are facing and how they propose us to fight it/treatment. 


Keep being positive and carry on as normal it’s all we can do at this moment in time.  Be thinking of you Wednesday x 

Recently diagnosed bc awaiting news if spread

28 Apr 2019 16:52 in response to mejules

Yes and me you x