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Really worried, need advice

2 Jan 2018 22:42

I was on here a few days ago because I found a lump in my neck.. but I today have found a lump in my head, I’ve been getting a mini headache from it, but they have haven’t asked long. I have banged my head a few times recently and as a 15 year old would do I searched on google and it’s made me really worried. Need some advice. I’m scared 

Really worried, need advice

2 Jan 2018 22:59 in response to JamesM21

James, get some sleep!  One of the nurses will respond tomorrow to your post - please for your own sake take the advice they give.  Googling symptoms is never a good idea and rarely turns up anything helpful or relevant.  Please don't worry yourself into a right old tizz.  Sleep well.

Really worried, need advice

3 Jan 2018 14:39 in response to JamesM21

Hello James and thanks for getting back to us, 

I can only really echo what my colleague Vanda said in her response to your earlier post. Lumps may be nothing to worry about and can occur for lots of reasons. Sometimes they may be due to cancer but other more common explanations are much more likely. So, there may be nothing wrong, but of course no one on cancerchat is in a position to say so for sure.

Our standard advice to anyone who is concerned about a new and persisting symptom is to go and see their GP (family doctor) to get checked out. Cancer in someone aged 15 is rare so this isn’t particularly likely, but I still think the best thing to do would be to see your doctor. They can examine/assess you and decide if anything is the matter or needs to be done.

If you aren’t sure how to, your parents or guardian can help you to make an appointment to see your GP and in some parts of the county there are NHS walk-in centres which you can attend without a prior appointment. You can find where your NHS local services are at this link.

As this is playing on your mind it would probably be a good idea to talk to your parents/guardian. The old saying ‘a trouble shared is a trouble halved’ has some truth in it. I am sure they would want to support you while this is troubling you.  I don’t think you will find any answers online, so try to stop searching as it usually makes the worry worse. 

I hope your GP can give you some peace of mind.

Take care,


Really worried, need advice

3 Jan 2018 23:03 in response to JamesM21


and a happy new year to you ... I hope you had a good one

first and foremost the best advice you will get is ..... stay off of the internet .... you will only convince yourself you have two weeks to live, where as in reality you have a bit of time yet

you are 15 and from my understanding, at such a young age ..... it’s rare

however this is obviously concerning you

if the lump is still there then go have a chat with your doctor ... it’s the only way you will put your mind at rest

anyway I’m sure you have mocks and exams coming up this year .... so get it checked out quickly and start the rest of your life

shout if you have any questions