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Really worried about my mom

13 Oct 2021 23:45

Two months ago my mom was going for chemo for triple negative breast cancer she unable to walk and she was dropped to floor when having her pic line inserted  and her hip was broken chemo was put off and she got a infection and was in hospital for two months she finally came home on the 14 Sept.Today we went to breast clinic and now they are saying  the lymph nodes on both sides may contain cancer and she needs a ultrasound and biopsy  but June 24 the lymph nodes were clear now they are saying she might not be able to have chemo or the operation  I really dont understand  also her breast tumour  has started to bleed since Saturday  the doctor never even looked today my mom is doing so well now shes home eating well and feeling better I dont understand how they can refuse her treatment  like this I had triple negative breast cancer myself last year I know how feels really dont want my mom to suffer it's awful mom is strong again now and deserves treatment leaving it is making her worse I've been through chemo and I know she can do this please if anyone can help.xxxx

Really worried about my mom

15 Oct 2021 14:00 in response to cryed

Hello cryed

I'm sorry to hear about your Mum's diagnosis and that things seem to have progressed since her appointment in June. It's understandable that you're feeling upset and anxious about what the next steps may be for her. 

I wonder if you might find it helpful to chat things through with one of our team of nruses ahead of your Mum's next appointment. I'm sure they will be able to offer some information and advice as well as help you think about points you and your Mum may want to raise with the Consultant. If you'd like to speak with them then do give them a call on 0808 800 4040, Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

With regards to the bleeding that your Mum is experiencing, do get in touch with the breast care nurse at the clinic as they will be best placed to offer some advice about managing this, arranging any medication or dressings your Mum may need, or a further appointment if necessary. 

I do hope that the biopsy brings some positive news for you both. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator