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Really worried about CA 125 results

6 Dec 2021 08:13 in response to laurs1301



Thank you I'm so scared I keep crying. I am 41 and I had a large ovarian cyst 20 years ago, and had my ovary and tube removed. I have also read that CA125 can be raised as well at our age. But I will know soon if there is anything to worry about.





Really worried about CA 125 results

6 Dec 2021 09:01 in response to Burke1304

Hi Sam, 


Sending best wishes. It's all a bit overwhelming so try to take it one step at a time. Focus on your next appointment and so on. 


Really worried about CA 125 results

6 Dec 2021 18:59 in response to laurs1301

Hey, had my scan and I have a small cyst, having a rescan in 5 weeks they hope the cysr will go on its own but due to my history want to make sure.

So I can now relax, she also said that doing a CA125 when I'm still having regular periods should not have been suggested because hormones can make the levels fluctuate.

Thank a everyone for your kind commnets. It does really help speaking in these groups


Sam xxx

Really worried about CA 125 results

6 Dec 2021 19:02 in response to Burke1304

Hi Sam, 


That's great news! Really pleased for you. I'm 42 and still have regular periods so you've put my mind at ease a little.

have a great Christmas 


laura xx

Really worried about CA 125 results

13 Jan 2022 18:41 in response to laurs1301

Ladies just want to say this thread has talked me off the ledge. I got a call on Tuesday this week to tell me I had elevated levels on my ca125 test (47). I'm 43 and have had a pain on my left side for the last year. Initial scans found a 13mm fibroid and I was told they usually resolve. Dr eventually ordered further tests as it didn't feel right that I should be living with this pain. Now I'm properly freaked out. It feels like the dr has told me I have ovarian cancer. He even said 'I'm sorry to have to give you this news'. I've been referred privately, appointment on Monday, also paying to have my own ultra scan tomorrow because my head is scrambled and I can't stop thinking about my children. I'm a mess! Nsh referral letter came through today and says my appointment will be virtual! How will they achieve any diagnosis that way??! Thank you for sharing your stories, they have helped me. 

Really worried about CA 125 results

13 Jan 2022 19:42 in response to mummy_vibes

Hi mummy_vibes, 


Let me tell you , they cannot diagnose anything virtually. They also cannot diagnose any form of cancer without a zillion tests and scans. I've had 2 ultrasounds, 3 CT scans and last Sunday and MRI, I joked with the hospital that I only need an X-ray to get a full house on scan bingo. I'm 43 and my ca125 is 65, 35 is considered normal , I also have a 10cm ovarian cyst. I've had people say it's concerning, other people say not to worry. Truth is, until it's out and tested I will not know. Please try not to worry, worrying doesn't solve tomorrow's problems, it only robs us of today with our babies. You got this!! It helps me to write things at night in a journal, kinda dumps all the thoughts from my overactive mind on paper xxx

Really worried about CA 125 results

13 Jan 2022 19:59 in response to laurs1301

Thank you for your reply. I'm trying to keep myself busy but the moments inbetween are terrible. I just want to know what - if anything - I'm dealing with! Wondering how much my period might have played in a high reading. I had the test on day 3, plus I feel that I am peri menopausal... 

Really worried about CA 125 results

13 Jan 2022 20:03 in response to mummy_vibes

I was ovulating when they took my blood tests and I think at 43 possibly pre-menopausal. My doctor said that she's seen levels above 100 and ladies not have cancer. Try not to worry. I find that the local doctors just tell you what they think , when you see the specialists they put you at ease x

Really worried about CA 125 results

13 Jan 2022 20:56 in response to laurs1301

You're very sweet, thank you for your reassuring words. Are you going to have your cyst removed? Can you opt to even if not recommended by drs? 

Really worried about CA 125 results

13 Jan 2022 21:01 in response to mummy_vibes

Unfortunately my cyst is so big it needs to come out. It's causing so much pain as it's sitting on my uterus. They are deciding if to take the cyst, that and one ovary, or everything. At this stage , I just wish they'd hurry up tbh x

Really worried about CA 125 results

13 Jan 2022 21:06 in response to laurs1301

I bet. I wish you well and hope you can successfully put this all behind you and get back to enjoying life and your family x

Really worried about CA 125 results

14 Mar 2022 16:58 in response to mummy_vibes

Try not worry too much, I no that's easily said than done, I've been back and forward they last 7 weeks, terrible pain ca125 was 819 totally freaked out, had scan the next day, so lucky there is no cancer, but a lot goin on due to endometriosis, so now waiting on a mri, and ca125 was done last week again and was down to 39, so many factors can change the result, like periods, flare ups or even just having endo, I hope you feel better xx

Really worried about CA 125 results

7 Apr 2022 19:26 in response to stephy11

This thread has been really helpful for me. I'm 44 period stopped strange symptoms and sent for tests. Thought it was menopause but FSH is normal. Ca125 has come back elevated being sent for a scan and worried sick! 
Reading all the posts has calmed me down a wee bit. 
going private as the wait time for scan is do long. 

Really worried about CA 125 results

14 May 2022 00:59 in response to saz45

I too have had a recent c125 test. The level was 43. I am 50 and pre menopausal. I have been urgently referred for various scans.This thread is very reassuring.

I was on the first day of my period when I had the blood test. I have lower left side pelvic pain that is almost constant, but doesn't get worse during periods. My transvaginal scan is Monday and seeing a gynelogical consultant for other tests Thursday. NHS have been very quick and efficient so far. Grateful to them but scared silly. Don't want to leave my children without a mother.

Really worried about CA 125 results

16 May 2022 17:19 in response to Penelope

I've had an ovarian cyst for over 4 years and have consistently had a raised CA125.  I'm 44.  My levels were mid 40s but my most recent test is 88!  My cyst displays no sinister features at all and is described as a 6.9cm simple cyst, but my CA125 raising is a defininte worry to me.