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Random Acts of Kindness: stranger leaves treats at hospital

17 Feb 2017 21:37

Hello everyone,

Today, February the 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. But don't worry if you missed it, on this forum, I witness random acts of kindness - or should I say RAKs Silly - every single day. As @woodworm ‍ rightly says in his dedicated thread, there is good in the world.

I wanted to share with you all tonight a story I read in the news which touched me and left a lasting impression with cancer patients and staff at the Christie cancer hospital. A note was left on a vending machine at the Christie asking people to help themselves to free treats which said:

"Please find a variety of snacks in the bottom of this machine that have been paid for. I simply wanted to perform some random act of kindness to try and brighten up someone's day. Hopefully there will be something in there for you to enjoy. Finally, if you can, try and spread the kindness."

This then made me smile at the bottom of the note: "If you are the last one to take a snack, please could you take down this note to avoid disappointment. Thank you."

Small gestures like this can go a long way and one of the nurses commented that it left her "beaming all day".

You can read the full story and watch the video that goes with it here.

Thank you for all the RAKs on this forum - there certainly are many on Cancer Chat and they are very much appreciated!

If there is any random act of kindness you have witnessed recently - or maybe initiated yourself - we'd love to hear all your nice stories.

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator



Random Acts of Kindness: stranger leaves treats at hospital

18 Feb 2017 08:26 in response to Moderator Lucie

Hi Lucie,

Thanks for posting this. It just goes to show little acts of kindness like that go a long way and often affect a whole load of people. The trouble is, these acts are under reported by our media. One only has to look through this forum to see there are lots of good people out there who do what they can to try and help others. It is amazing how a few well chosen kind words can lift us up and change our moods for the better in an instant.

Thanks again Lucie. Take care and best wishes to you and all your collegues, Brian

Random Acts of Kindness: stranger leaves treats at hospital

26 Feb 2017 22:28 in response to Moderator Lucie

Aww that's lovely, thanks for sharing xx

Random Acts of Kindness: stranger leaves treats at hospital

3 May 2019 22:39 in response to Moderator Lucie

Hi there Lucie...

Just found this thread you started ... you have been a shining star to so many, more then you'll ever know ... myself included .. this was started before I came on here ... and that "pay it forward" on random acts of kindness is such a lovely idea ... imagine a world where we all pay it forward ...

The act of kindness that amazes me every day on here, are those who are in the middle of their chemo / therapy , yet still come on here soon as they can to help others that are feeling scared or frightened ... they know who they are ... and I heard something Michael bubble said on "stand up to cancer" car pool karioki ... super man / Spiderman/ wonder woman none are real heroes ... they real heroes (though many don't like that word ,I know) are those who get their boxing gloves on every day once they get diagnosed .. and take it on ... 

So twin two ... Marlyn... and all those amazing lasses on "the good and bad" your all my heroes ... I was blessed not to go through chemo ... but those that do, don't realise how wonderfull they all are ... 

So Lucie, thank you and everyone that's with your team .. and nurses ... and let's all keep kicking cancers ass ...   Chrissie ❤

Random Acts of Kindness: stranger leaves treats at hospital

3 May 2019 22:51 in response to Chriss

Oh thank you so much Chrissie for reigniting this old thread which did mean a lot to me and thank you for your lovely comments. You have such a way with words. What you say is really true. I witness so many random acts of kindness here on the forum every day, it never ceases to amaze me. And you are one of these incredible people. 

As @woodworm ‍ says in one of his inspirational threads, there is indeed good in the world. 


Random Acts of Kindness: stranger leaves treats at hospital

5 May 2019 10:55 in response to Moderator Lucie

Hi Lucie and Chrissie,

It doesnt take much a to lift someones spirit. Just a simple thing like giving them a smile when we see people in the street or the shops.I am a great believer in RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS like this.

There is anice counrty song where this womans car gets a puncture at night when it snowning. Evenone is rushing home but this guy eventually stops and changes her wheel for her. she asks him how much she owes and he told her just pass it on down the line.She goes on to have a meal in a local resturant and notices the waitress is heavily pregnant and looking very tired, When she leaves she leaves her a great big tip and the waitress who is hard up goes home and tells her husband. It turns out it was him who changed the womans wheel for her. Its very cleaverly written.

I also totalltagree with Lucie about what she said about you Chrissie

Take care ladies, Brian 


Random Acts of Kindness: stranger leaves treats at hospital

5 May 2019 13:53 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian....

I'm wondering if anyone knows a random act of kindness to share ... either given or taken one...

I'll share mine in the hope others come along to share their story ...

Years ago, l broke down in winter just before the main crossing by traffic lights ...  no phone then .. not near a call box .. cars passed by .. even those that stopped by me on traffic lights did nothing .. kept their widows up and moved on when green light came .. this went on for bout 1/4 of an hour ...

Then when near to tears and not knowing how id ever move or phone ... a T I R lorries stopped ... out jumped a French driver .. who lifted the bonnet (while his lorry held up traffic) and did something that fixed it ..  all I could say was thank you so much ... as he was French, l couldn't say how wonderful he'd been ..  he drove off with a wave .. and all the cars he'd held up looking confused or angry ... without him, I'd probly still be there today ... lol ..

Two Christmases ago, I did a few parcels up, with socks , gloves , chocolate,  buicites and put of cigs in .. and wrapped them in xmas paper .. and on the way to Canterbury xmas pantomime , where I had my granddaughter Emily with me .. when we saw someone homeless, Emily very shyly gave them a pressie each .. the look on their faces were amazing .. one old chap asked her if he could open it now as it wasn't xmas yet .. she smiled and nodded ... she was only 5 then ... we got far more back then we gave ... 

I used to walk past those homeless years ago .. now get them a choc bar and drink .. but now I stop to chat to them too ... the good news is, there's not so many now .. there's a lot more help out there .. most are homeless through no fault of their own .. it could happen to any one ... so please any one who reads this, next time someone's on the street .. even just a smile or a hi .. or how are you .. could change someone ..  

Here's to more replys .. if you have a story please share ... Chrissie ❤


Random Acts of Kindness: stranger leaves treats at hospital

5 May 2019 15:13 in response to Chriss

Hi Chriss

Last year I had a random act of kindness happen to me.

It was the last day of a three day woodshow and at the end of the day I went to pick up our big A-frame which is quite heavy. I was feeling weak and weary and struggling to take this back to my car which was about a hundred yards away. This young chap saw I was struggling and sweating as it was a warm day and he just took it from me and carried it 3/4 of the way back for me. It was so appreciated and also unexpected as he was heading in the opposite direction.

I also did a craft fair a year or two ago. There was this special needs girl who really liked one of the small things I had turned. She was about 18 years old but the people with her wouldnt let her buy it. She looked so dissapointed, I called her back and told her to pick out one she liked and I gave it to her for free. It was worth it just to see the huge smile on her face, Brian

Random Acts of Kindness: stranger leaves treats at hospital

5 May 2019 15:43 in response to woodworm

Hi brian ....That's really lovely ... have you ever seen the film "pay it forward" about a little boy that had cancer ,who did something for someone, and when they went to give him something, he just asked them to find a stranger and "pay it forward" and it grew and grew ... i cyed buckets at the end ... it really touched my heart ... we hear so many things that sometimes make people sad .. but l think without those grumpy people, we wouldn't aprieciate the kind ones ...

Even if everyone that reads this thread just tries it ... they would get so much more back , just knowing they did it ... my surgeon put me on the long list of operations he had that day ... he took my boob away .. but gave me something even better ... time ... he doesn't realise how many people he gives this gift too .. every day extra is amazing ... 

What a lovely thread Lucie has thought of ... even if one person takes this on, it will be worth it ... on a lighter note ... what did the sea say to the shore ...????  Nothing, it just waved ... ❤

Random Acts of Kindness: stranger leaves treats at hospital

6 May 2019 00:05 in response to Chriss

Hello,I have had experience of a random act of kindness gieven to me that I am waiting to pass on

In December my husband was in hospital having chemo, after treatment I left him in the waiting area whilst I went to get the car.The ticket machine wasn’t working and wouldn’t accept my ticket, I didn’t have my bag to pay again ,had  left it with my hubby as it was heavy . I was panicking at the pay station and a lovey lady gave me the £2 to get out .

I keep£2 in my car to give to someone else in the same sort of predicament 


Random Acts of Kindness: stranger leaves treats at hospital

10 May 2019 08:37 in response to Lancashirelass1

Hi folks,

As some of you May know, I am a member of a local wood club. Early last year, someone I knew contacted me and donated  a load of veneer to our club. I gave it to a man who makes lovely veneered boxes. Last Christmas he won first prize in our annual show for a box he had done usung some of this veneer. He told me it was the first thing he had ever won, Brian

Random Acts of Kindness: stranger leaves treats at hospital

10 May 2019 12:55 in response to Lancashirelass1

Hi there ...

That's really sweet ... and let's hope you find someone in need to keep it going ... just hope others take this thread, and when some stranger needs something ... well it could start a chain ...

Funny thing happened to me last year ... there was someone sitting by a shop around 50 /60 and had his bowl out asking for help .. it was really cold winter day .. so l thought a nice hot drink and warm pie might help more ... so asked him if he'd like a drink ... thinking tea or coffee ... "I'd love a Costa coffee lattee " came the reply ... well I don't even get them myself ... but I laughed all the way there and got him a nice big one to enjoy ... still makes me chuckle.... ❤

Random Acts of Kindness: stranger leaves treats at hospital

12 May 2019 09:00 in response to Chriss

Hi folks, 

Came across this today and thought I must post it on here, Brian

A Note Inside A Book Sets Off A Chain Of Random Acts Of Kindness

May 10, 2019

An inspiring note found inside a random book in a Missouri Target has inspired thousands of people to pay it forward.

Ashley Jost said while shopping at Target a self-help book caught her eye. The 27-year-old bought the book, "Girl, Stop Apologizing," and began reading it when she got home.

After a few minutes, her dog started barking so she tossed the book aside. When she got back, she noticed something on the ground.

"Five dollars fell out, and it took me a second where I was like, 'Wait, what just happened'?" Jost said.

She flipped through the book, and in one of the last pages, there was a Post-it that read:

"To the person who buys this book: I am having a tough day. I thought maybe I could brighten someone else’s with this little surprise. Go buy a coffee, a donut or a face mask. Practice some self care today. Remember that you are loved, you are amazing, you are strong. - Lisa"

Jost decided to post a photo of the note and the money on Twitter and it went viral.

People are pledging their own random acts of kindness.

"In that moment, I didn't necessarily need the pick-me-up, but I feel obligated to share it, and I'm hearing back from people who did," Jost said. "The ripple effect is pretty incredible."

After seeing her Twitter post, Lisa mailed Jost a card to her job on campus.

"She said it made her cry in a good way," Jost told CNN. But Lisa still didn't give away who she was. She left no return address, preferring to remain anonymous.

Jost said that Lisa wrote it had been a difficult time in her life and she just wanted "to create something positive -- she never really expected this to happen the way it has."