Raising money for and awareness of myeloma

22 May 2019 23:34

Hey everyone, I'm doing a sponsored skydive in September for Myeloma UK. 

My mum was diagnosed with myeloma in 2015 and I was devistated. In my early 20s I fear my mum will never see me get married, have children or even buy my first home.

I don't feel myeloma is talked about enough and awareness of the condition isn't as well known about or funded as much as it should be. 

So I have decided to do what I fear the most and jump out of plane! Any donations no matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated, not just by me and my family but by the countless others affected by this terrible condition. Please spare a moment and help me spread the word about myeloma and the devistating impact it can have! 

So much appreciation to all! Here's my just giving page, please help me achieve my goal!