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Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

10 Jun 2019 16:43 in response to Anchor1707

Hi buzz 

brill afvise and updates as usual. Haven’t you been using the interdental brushes and dursphat toothpaste all along ? Sorry I thought I had given u that advise in my blog.sorry if I hadn’t emphasised it. I get mine from dentist she gives me 4 toothpastes st s time   Re the crown etc do u have to pay fir that ? Or is it being done under hospital?

onwards  and upwards my friend 

Hazel xx

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

10 Jun 2019 17:44 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel

I didnt really pick up on the Dursphat toothpaste although I seen that yourself and a few others had mentioned previous and had prescribed but no one from my medical support team/GP mentioned and was only today at appointment that he said he was going to prescribe for teeth n gums and ongoing.
I ordered some of these Tepe inderdental brushes Amazon this afternoon.

I use the Cupranox toothbrushes daily as you advised and they have been a godsend and I swear by them. So now I'll get onto these brushes/new toothpaste and probably start usiing Difflam more often again.
By the way, did you notice a difference to normal toothpaste? I know he said it has 3 times more fluroride than normal toothpaste but I looked it up and its £16 a pop!..Expensive stuff but Ive been told to add it to repeat precription each month. It must work at that price tho.
Started me with a prescription of 2 tubes 5000ppm - how long does that last and how many would you get if ordering each month? Sorry lol so many Q's

Re crown/root canal/ gum operation etc, I am getting treatment under the hospital and he said he will put me on the right track then its up to me and my own dentist after that.I'm not sure if there is any financial contribution or cost yet but end day it needs done.

Hope your mouth is still getting a new normal but again I was told some may never have 100% back to what had previous.Are you still feeling your getting a little better.?

Hope you had nice day yesyerday for BBQ and a nice anniversary day.

Onwards & Upwards ( 2 weeks till Toy Story 4 !!)

Ian x

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

10 Jun 2019 19:03 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Buzz

wont reprimand you for missing the duraphat ! don’t want you calling me a bully lol ! As if. 

I reckon the duraphat toothpaste lasts me between 4-6 week ps and I use it at least 4 times a day you onky need a quarter of normal toothpaste using duraphat ,there’s no real fresh feeling to it but it works , the inter dental brushes as well you will be surprised how much **** gets left as our saliva isn’t doing it’s usual job of removing food. Intend to brush after every meal .

you will find if you ordered 2 a month yiu will soon have a stock and then won’t need it every month .

bbq was good over 60 people so fireman John was busy all day , I socialised , snook into house for poached eggs on toast b b q food plus we made pulled pork a,s hit chilli weren’t going anywhere near my mouth !!!!!!!! 

yesterday  bad saliva day , today I can feel it in mouth so that’s good and made koftas for tea managed to eat 2 patties spiced up with cumin and a little paprika impressed myself  

Hope you don’t get over excited at toy  story 4 !!!!!! Lol


keepmin touchhazel H x

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

12 Jun 2019 05:32 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel

just quick wee note - your right about these wee brush things...they are good though and mouth feels cleaner after using them. Havnt got the toothpaste yet and I will get in the next day or 2. Carer's duties these days are getting more and more thin on the ground lol..So I...yes I know Hazel, I myself, will have to go in car, all the way to pharmacy 10 min drive,no traffic, ALL by myself.

One wee tip I forgot to mention, but I stil use them and they are super if you even wanted to add to your blog re tips is the plastic medical sterile syringes(no needle - just plastic). I've used from the get go and although maybe a bit late for most here now, it's one to keep in mind.
I've posted a link and you get pack of 10 for £2.70 and instead of making a mess with a spoon re oralmorph as an example, you just use syringe, sook up 5ml then empty in mouth,Exact measure and so simple and clean to use and each one reusable for a while. It's one of these things where sometimes the simplest little tips of help are the best - like the Cupranox toothbrushes. Anyways, one to add to your knowledge database

5ml Becton Dickinson BD Plastipak Medical Sterile Syringes Luer Slip without Needle for Medical and General Purpose Use / Packs of 10

or just type in Medical Sterile Syringes in Amazon..

chat laters

ian x

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

12 Jun 2019 09:01 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian 

Thank you good to know I have my uses !!

Yes total agreement our other half’s are deffo slacking tomorrow I am on Grandparent duty driving all of 5 miles to do school run pick up as do I look like I get up early enough for drop off ! unlike you I can sleep I won’t berate yiunfor being up at 0532!!!!!!! Obv you cant  sleep!!!! 

Yes I used the syringe s mine came with the oramorph though agree very useful.

A but if indulgence now.

For everybody out there who doesn’t know I am doing a charity bike ride on 27th if July for research into head and neck cancer I have a page set up 


https:/ or search Hazels Tour de Wakefield.

In the words of Tesco every little helps.

Its a 40 mile ride with me and John doingbut along with anithee couple who the guy i met during Radiotherapy.

onwards and upwards everyone 

H x

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

12 Jun 2019 09:16 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazell

ol....I forgot I posted 5.30am

well sleep still fragmented and I cant lie in bed so I just get up

On the plus side, I get to spend more quality time with myself.

Me and Me get on great and we agree on everything.

ian x

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

12 Jun 2019 10:32 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian. Lol got to love ourselves dontvee let’s face it cancer card now worn  out. If you are bored there’s a hospital seriesvthink amazon prime Nee Amsterdam set in New York medical director got throat cancer follow s his  his story.  

H xx

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

13 Jun 2019 16:10 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi all I hope everyone is as doing well as can be expected, Iv just had my first appointment since getting the good news which was two months ago, I dont know where the time goes.

This was with the surgeon who will now take over from the Oncologist for examinations every two months, all good he was pleased with everything he looked in my throat and had a good feel around my neck and was happy with everything, my saliva has started to return to my tongue and inside of the cheeks are nice and moist but still a bit dry at the back of the throat.

Off to Greece on tuesday for two weeks  Happy

Keep fighting, Regards Dave 

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

13 Jun 2019 16:15 in response to Oscar2020

Great stuff Dave and love to hear all the positves.

Enjoy your hols

Onwards & Upwards


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

13 Jun 2019 16:23 in response to Anchor1707

Thanks Ian although I wasnt expecting any bad news theres a nagging at the back of the mind after what weve all been through so it was a great to hear the words. 



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

13 Jun 2019 17:12 in response to Oscar2020

I know what you mean Dave and especially with your cheery wee soul of consultant. I'm sure he must read his kids ghost stories for bedtime stories lol

But all good and yes, we do need reassured and sets your mind at rest , just in time for hols so have a  great one - its well deserved.and also Ole will buy you some nice new shiny players for your return.

Onwards & Upwards


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

13 Jun 2019 17:48 in response to Oscar2020

Hi Dave brill news ,glad all good. Enjoy Greece remembered  it’s your favourite place tell Julie to,chill,l out as well. Presume you’ve heard that Juventus are in London talking to Man U about Pogdba going back wonder if we will make any money on him this time. !

we fly off  for a quick break on 25 th June more to see how I cope with the heat just 16 days  time. Got my 3 rd appointment mid July.its a year this month since diagnosis day which looking back can’t decide if it was a long time ago or not. But darned pleased not being repeated this year !!!!

saliva is like yours slowly coming back can eat most meals without drinking which is a bonus. 

Keep in touch like Ian says onward and upwards


Hazel  x

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

13 Jun 2019 18:01 in response to Oscar2020

Fabulous! well done! So nice to hear this-& enjoy your well earned holiday-we were supposed to be in Greece now! Sad  but hey ho-postponed it until Sept so fingers crossed we will get there!

My hubbys into his 4th week post treatment & slowly but surely improving-yayy! went out today for about 2 hours, an art gallery then he managed a sandwich & cup of coffee! I was delighted & so was he-it's mad these little triumphs give you so much pleasure! Its been his 1st time eating or drinking out for months- & we used to do it all the time, so yes getting a little bit of our life back too.

So keep up the good work Dave & stay well.Thanks for sharing your good news Happy

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

13 Jun 2019 19:24 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Thanks Hazel Julie is very excited about going I can tell you, Im not bothered about Pogba to be honest In fact Iv lost a bit of interest in United I think its too big a job for any manager while Woodward is the CEO, he`s a clown, I think we will be out of the running for a few years sadly.

Im more interested in playing myself for Manchester Corinthians lol we won the league a couple of weeks ago with 4 games to spare, energy wise Im good but still short on stamina and burn out quick which is obviously down to the treatment but overall Im good.

have a great holiday x


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

13 Jun 2019 19:26 in response to Other half

Thanks O.H. and great to hear your man is making progress, he will get there.