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Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

13 Dec 2018 10:53 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Im 8 sessions in of 30 radiotherapy for throat cancer and feeling nausious pretty much all the time now, I wasnt expecting this as one of the side effects has anyone else has this symptom?

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

13 Dec 2018 11:23 in response to Oscar2020

Hi Oscar

poor you I was lucky and never had that problem. Please mention in to radiotherapy team or your nurse there will be something y can take. I jkniw nibbling on a ginger biscuit before n after may help. Sorry couldn’t be more use x good luck  at the weekend you hit double figures that’s a milestone on its own. 

Ask if u need anything else


hazel aka RadioactiveRaz 

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

13 Dec 2018 12:05 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Thanks Hazel Im going to mention it to my team nurse today. 



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

13 Dec 2018 13:39 in response to Oscar2020

Hi Oscar

My hubby had chemoradiation for tonsil ca and had severe nausea all the way through. We bought some seabands - acupressure bands - from the chemist that seemed to help. Speak to your specialist nurse re your anti sickness meds as there are several different ones - Metaclopramide, Prochlorperazine,Domperidone so another may be more effective. Acupuncture can be helpful so maybe seeif your lical cancer support centre offer that as an option.My hubby ended up with a patch form and a snall dose if Nozinon at night- I dont jnow if you have a PEG but if you do try getting liquid form and put it directly in via that - it can help. Unfortunately bausea us very difficult to manage and he ended up being admitted and having a metaclopramide syringe pump to get it under control.

wishing you loads of luck 

best wishes


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

13 Dec 2018 16:46 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian 

how are u doing ? Another week post radiotherapy,you won’t realise but slowly u are getting there. Hope the ensures are still keeping yo7 going. At moment I would say dry mouth is the worst symptom I am having. Food is deffo getting easier so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

hope you’ve nit done too much retail therapy this week !


take care


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

13 Dec 2018 18:26 in response to Newlymarried

Thanks Emma Iv seen one of the radiologists today and they are giving me anti sickness meds, I pick the prescription up tomorrow.



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

14 Dec 2018 00:23 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel

Thank you for asking and yup another week post radiaotherpy

So my latest weekly update post radiotherapy ( 3rd week) I would kinda make the following points and hope helps.

I feel in many ways im progressing, especially the mucas which has all but stopped but I am similar to yourself and have really constant dry mouth. Can sometimes bring up spit but my mouth is constantly dry with literally no saliva. Its a funny sensation and I even gor prescribed Glandosane which is a synthetic saliva, but its not really any good and in some ways drys mouth more.
I had my first appointment all the wellbeing clinic for post check up and they are delighted with my progress and think I am ahead of the curve but still a long way to go.

They were impressed I am managing 4 Ensures a day but I see them as medicine but I now have to start to try and eat little extra things on top. It was explained my body is still running a marathon and the more fuel it gets just now, the better the recovery process, so I got some little micropots of custard, rice and am going to try full fat milk n soggy cornflakes. Even managed 2/3 little mini curly wurlys lol

So basically been told, eat !.....even if you dont enjoy just small amounts to help get fuel in body as well as keep drinking plenty water. Was also told taste buds may never come back exact same but its a matter of adjusting and mouth may well be quite dry long term.
So thats good advice Im goinf to try and adhere to and at the end of the day, the adjustments we have to make are a small price to pay for getting this thing hopefully cured.

Still on quite a bit of morpine but feel throat, apart from dry, is getting better and easier to swallow and told will be looking to reduce this after new year.

Sleep is still often and quite a few power naps, usually a couple of hours at a time.

So all in all, I do feel progress within myself although I agree this constant really dry mouth with no saliva a symptom that has progressivly appeared worse this week.

But still positive and to leave on a positive note....Onwards and upwards !!!

kind regards


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

14 Dec 2018 09:28 in response to Anchor1707

RHi Ian

on Monday I am 15 weeks post radiotherapy never thought recovery would take so long but slowly slowly.


tips for dry mouth my dentist prescribed the following they do help 

biotene dry mouth gel liberally rub onto gums n teeth before each nap  apparently k y jelly also works but I ain’t asking for that. Lol


A.S salivia sprays I carry one with me one in bedroom use on a night niw when I wake I can get away sipping water thrn dprsy in to mouth gives me st least 2 hour s solid sleep.


from boots dentist can’t prescribevit biotene mouthwash I have found a even gentler one online bioxtra dry I use that again before nap time.

tastebuds bitter sweet for me I never lost them which can atvthecstsrt make it harder as I had taste but just couldn’t get things I like down my throat.


around yourvstage I started on the following 

knorr chickennoodle soup once cooked strained the noodles out then a matter of finding the right heat for your mouth.

baxters consommé also helped but  home made soups I just couldn’t eat still struggle with.

big breakthrough was the inside of a mini pork pie senesce of achievement was great  

congratulations on curly Wurley it’s the little things that give us a lift.

i have now been 36 hours oramorph free touch wood am ok thus morning substitute d a 30 mg co codomol with a 8 mg so in 26 days I should be in 8 mg tablets then work down to paracetamols.

rnjoy seekend






Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

14 Dec 2018 10:25 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Im just starting to get the dry mouth problems after 9 sessions, I cant imagine what i`ll be like in a few weeks time, not feeling sorry for myself Im just a bad patient.



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

14 Dec 2018 11:38 in response to RadioactiveRaz

You are doing great Hazel and its good to have someone ahead of the game.

and lol..yup....I aint asking for ky jelly from chemist..."its for my mouth"..." yup sure it is " ;lol.

nah I'll leave that one and just keep drinking plenty water.

I'll see how I get on over weekend with my wee tubs of calaries, but I guess its inspiring to get a good report card at this stage and might experiment a little to see what  i an tolerate now I have been told too, even although I dont particularily enjoy.

Have a great weekend and I still reocmmend retail therapy !



Dont see yourself as a bad pateient, its one of these things and unfortunate side effect. Only advice I would give over and oboive Hazel's is to drink as much water as you can. I try and drink at least 3-4 litres a day. Sometimes you cant be bothered but force it a little if you have to. I was told that it definately helps the healing and recovery process.

i wish you well

kind regards


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

14 Dec 2018 11:41 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian

Its great to hear youre still progressing well and as you rightly say its a slow process. My hubby is now 3 years post diagnosis and 2 1/2 years post treatment end and things do get better. At the end of the chemoradiation he could taste nothing - and I mean absolutely nothing which made eating so difficult. He can now taste most things though they often taste different to before. He had a real sweet tooth but now prefers savoury especially salty things. He can swallow anything even crusty baguette! So long as he has water but cold foods like ice cream switch his taste buds off completely. The dry mouth gas improved considerably but he still had decaf tea and coffee as the tanin and caffeine seemed to make tge dryness worse.

Keep olidding on - trial and error ! 

Good luck and best wishes

Emma xx

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

14 Dec 2018 20:04 in response to Newlymarried

Hi Emma,

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

Im so pleased to hear progress regarding your husband and its inspiring to know that as you say, keep plodding on and it does get better and although some permanemt slight adjustments, still well worth it.

Have a great weekend

kind regards


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

14 Dec 2018 21:34 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian

deffo if  I can keep drinking the water. Plus remember what yiu can’t tolerate one day the next day or week you will be able to somits trial and error butbkeep going in the right direction

Happy retail therapy ,hope yiu are buying useful things !!!!



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

14 Dec 2018 21:42 in response to Oscar2020


No you aren’t a bad patient ,just remember  everyone of us is different if you can drink water keep drinking it really does help. Unfortunately I couldn’t drink it apart from peppermint tea for over 2 monthes it made my mouth like chalk , I could manage soda water which was ok but washing food down with it was horrid. 

Get as many dry mouth products as your dr dentist and nurse will prescribe , a good tip is get them all to prescribe something if at first they dont work keep,them as I did and eventually you will be able to use them. To start with the saliva spray smell of fish so I refused to put jn my mouth but now I use it and it gives me ok broken sleep but no longer am I awake for hours at a rime


keep plodding on if you haven’t read my blog it’s more tips and moans on there if yiunhave read it thank you.

remember next week start if anither week nearer to finishing 



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

15 Dec 2018 14:48 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Thanks for the words of encouragement I`ll up my water intake, Im doing the mouthwashes after eating and every two hours as I was told by the nurses, Iv got a horrible taste all the time now and food just doesent appeal... from a food lover thats quite a statement. Iv got a white coating around my Uvula (dangly thing) and its swollen..hope its not thrush..definatley feeling sorry for myself now..:)