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Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

22 Nov 2018 16:10 in response to Johny7

Hi John 

wel put ! Glad I kept mask though as when u shown it to people the responses i get  are incredible ,like I couldn’t have done it  it so I reply no choice it’s that or die. Plus at Halloween looks good with lights in it !!

have a good weekend


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

22 Nov 2018 19:35 in response to RadioactiveRaz


My husband has been diagnosed with cancer in the tonsil and right lymph gland and was told it was curable but it has now been 2 months and still no sign of having the radiotherapy or chemo as they are now check his chest. He is very anxious as they said it is a fast growing cancer and feels it needs to be sorted out as soon as possible.  Would like to know how long you generally have to wait before treatment starts as its now 2 months and the hospital are not going to review him until 12th December (although they did say after Christmas but my husband objected) and he hasnt had the mask fitted yet either.  


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

22 Nov 2018 20:16 in response to Housefullofdogs

Hi Lyn

sorry your hubby has joined this exclusive little club but welcome and you’ve come to right place don’t worry easy to say nit to do. The n h s do have protocol to follow Ifrom diagnosis they should start treatment within 63 days I was exactlyb63 days looks like your trust ar e over running . My  oncologist says weeks don’t make that much difference as ince treatment starts ut is aggressive but like yiu say they do aim for cure .also look at ut this way if they were major concerned they would have him started sooner rather than the allocated waiting time  hopefully.

i am 12 weeks since my last radiotherapy session and from diagnosis day well even before I have kept a blog itbgoes into detail . also a guy called Gary who is nearly 4 years into remission has one which helped me as well

i go into detail about the mask it literally takes 15 mins and tell your hubby don’t worry it’s painless . Let me know if yiu look at the blog please plus any thing else you want to know we are here for each other .looking back it’s tough treatment but a positive attitude is the biggest thing you can have along with a supportive family .re the chest x Ray it is normal I had chest x Ray plus pet scan they are checking thatbnothing has spread .


Regards and take care


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

22 Nov 2018 21:08 in response to Housefullofdogs

Hi Lyn

As Hazel says welcome to our small but supportive group of both patients and their carers. My husband was diagnosed with tonsil cancer and lymph node metastasis in December 2015 - in fact on the 8th its burnt into my brain and he started active treament on the 8 th Feb 2016 so exactly 2 months later. The Oncology team need all of the scans etc to be anle to make a decision re what treatment is appropriate. There are then other preperations such as a dental review - do any teeth need to be removed- will he need a PEG feeding tube prior to starting- will he need a PICC line for chemo delivery - so it does take time. Maybe contact the Oncologist secretary and ask to speak to the Oncologist and vooce your concerns or do you have a specialist Macmillan nurse you can talk to.

Good luck and ask any questions you might have and we’ll try to help.

good luck and best wishes


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

23 Nov 2018 12:41 in response to Housefullofdogs

Hi Lynn,

Am sorry to hear of your husbands diagnosis and understand the anxiety.

I started having symtpms in Jan and to cut long story short and in bewteen wrong diagnosis/meds and treatment it took me until August until properly diagnosed and again told curable. Was told not to worry as I raised the same concerns over treatment wait, but had to get teeth removal first,recovery period then mask fitted, then appointments sorted.

I literally just finished my 6 weeks radiotherpy this morning and although its seems a long time, I was told the extra fews weeks/months would not really make any difference to treatment plan.

I do understand though , that you both want to get treatment started and hopefull you can get your dates as early as possible after xmas in a few weeks time

i wish you both well.

kind regards


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

23 Nov 2018 12:54 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi all

Well finally finsihed my 6 week treatment this morning and strange feeling as mask came off for last time (no i didnt leep it) and although some kind of relief this part finished, aware still have some recovery period to go.

Met with advanced nurse practinioner afterwards and just a little concern I have not been eating and drinking enough this past week/10 days and lost around 9/10 pounds ( which normally I can afford to), but a lot to lose in short period.

So basically have been prescribed 6 ensure drinks a day for 2 weeks before weel being clinic follow up meetingin cpl weeks amd have to try and make sure that I take these drinks along with 4 litres water a day.

That plus all my medications lol

So for some reason I feel a little flat and thought I would be more upbeat as mask came off, but little blip, i feel, re weight loss and having to have 6 ensure drinks a day plus 4 litres water.

But on the bright side, its part of recovery and told its all necessary to help recovery quicker so I will do as im told and heed the advice given and knuckle down and just look upon as additional medication to be taken for only a little 2 weeks and hope some appetite comes back soon afterwards.

At least I have taken 3 weeks annual leave from work next week, so plenty of rest and chilling doing not a lot.

if its ok, I will keep posting as I go as although my initial thraed was to outline my 6 weeks treatment, its not really ended today so will keep on posting in the same hope that it helps at least one person

kind regards




Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

23 Nov 2018 13:44 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian 

wecome to the Ensure club I am getting 50% of my calories still this way 12 weeks after RadioactiveRaz finished. 

Little tip if you are struggling with getting them down then down with complan you get from any supermarket plus mix with water then mic the Ensure I Tom it yiubare winningb2 ways inreaseingvthe liquid un take and calories in one fell swoop .took me a few weeks to work it out what to do but once I did the weight loss stopped. I lost 18 lb in last week and first few weeks after 

If you can take any comfort I am typing this while eating a warm pork pie with Baxter’s consommé as dipping liquid  Baxter’s soups are good I usually make my own but couldn’t stomach any home made ones for ages  

Congratulations on finishing Radiotherapy your flat feeling is totally normal you won’t consciously realise but it’s loosing day to day contact with medical people .

pleas keep in touch we are here to help each other’s plus like u say if we help one other person it’s job well done  my blog has over 1500vies as far as USA to New Zealand. Don’t struggle along message or contact your nurse we are all here to help each other get through this  I see my oncologist on Monday lunchtime hoping for pet scan date .


on another’s note rung  bu p a travel insurance yesterday they will insure me nit against the tonsil cancer but a yearly policy for me n hubby £245 with max stay 90 days so we’d were well pleased as other quotes to include tonsil cancer were over £2000! Let some face it isn’t coming back n am sensible enough to jump a flight home if need be will only be in Spain 2.5 hours away.

anither plus I slept 7.5 hours without getting up had two sip sleep if water at 0200/0400 then tablets at 0700 n went back for another 2 hours 

try and enjoy the weekend sleep nibble sleep drink take it easy hare n tortoise n we are tortoises 

take care





Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

23 Nov 2018 16:03 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel,

Thank tou for your words of encouragement and thats a great idea of mixing ensure with water as gives both fluid and intake of calories at once. Defo going to try that so thanks for that.

They are are not too bad, but after a while bit naff and 6 a day!! wowsie lol

I know its just another part of the journey and recovery period and will get there in the end and soo nhope to be in a position to enjoy some nice food again that I can taste.

I have a spreasheet made up and log everything as its a lot to remember every day with so many different medications/fluid/nutriant intakes so makes life little more easy to manage to ensure ( pardon the pun) that all are taken when meant to.

I must be costing NHS a fortune with all this medications/supplements etc and one of the reasons why we should all be so grateful for our wonderful NHS system.

Not sure what situation is elsewhere, but in Scotland we pay nothing for any medication or prescription we need, no matter what or how many.


Hope you continue on your journey as you seem to be doing amazing and wish you well and keep up your fab work. You have been great and have helped me along quite a bit with your words of encouragement and tips and I agree if you or i can help at least one other person with this journey. it is so worthwhile sharing.

kind regards



Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

23 Nov 2018 19:17 in response to Anchor1707

Hu Ian yiu are welcome 

I had spread sheets galore logging medicine n food still log my food intake calorie wise Took everything to dr st hospital he appreciated it as well could see at a glance what I was doing .

totallybagree re n h s don’t have to pay for anything jn engkand either ,my dressing for my burn in neck Cost £70 a time and never ince did hospital say no I did take spare ones back but they said they would have to throw them away as once they have  left the hospital classed as contaminated which is a shame. Likewise the nebuliser they didn’t want that back either which seems a waste of money .

i have had a few problems with dr and budgets wouldn’t prescribe me Ensure wanted to do ameys I couldn’t drink them they were grainy so that was a battle that I eventually won .

just had 2 Yorkshire’s pudding and a bowl of corned bees hash so it does come back eventually just baby steps all the way .

Thank younfir kind words keep in touch and the ensures are deffo better thinned down 

hazel x

Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

23 Nov 2018 20:02 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian

how organised are you ! Spreadsheets for everything we didnt even think about using them to keep track. We can definitely understand the flat feeling when you finish treatment. I think youre so concentrated on getting to appointments - seeing Medics and dieticians etc when you finish you feel abit cast adrift. I have to say our experience with tbe Specialist Macmillan nurse was non existent. We met her in tbe clinic on diagnosis and that was it - no phone calls or appointments so if you gave a good team then use them for advice.

Keep on with the ensures as you may still have a tough time to come in the next week or so. My hubby was at his worst by about day 12 post treatment finish- so sleep ,eat and get as mych rest as you can.

Keep letting us know how youre doing and you’ll soon be on the home straight.

best wishes


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

23 Nov 2018 20:48 in response to Newlymarried

Hi Emma

Many thanks for words of encouragement and will be getting plenty rest and sleep.
Will have to soldier on with the ensures but hoping to exchange one or 2 a day with the same amount of calories and tin ambrosia custard/rice and imagine as long as the calories goin in , thats the main thiing.

Its just another little struggle, but will get though it and hopefully be on the home straight soon enough.

My team have been brilliant as have all the staff and could not have asked for more support and encouragement from them. Have so much admiration and respct for them all.

But will keep posting as the words of ecourangement are helpful to get over this next little hurdle

kind regards


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

27 Nov 2018 21:21 in response to Anchor1707

Hi Ian how is week one at homemade going ? I met my oncologist yesterday he is very pleased with my progress and let ctbscan first week in January results 14=January,then he says every 6 month for a chat 

if yiu need anything just post n will get back to you


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

28 Nov 2018 05:20 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel and thanks for asking,

not too bad but not fablous either. At least I am off 3 weeks leave and getting plenty of sleep,

I'm just realy stuggling with the Ensure drinks as find them gross and Im really going to have to try and start on chicken soup/rice/custard etc and experiment little with food as not sure how long I can bear these damn drinks !!

Neck seemed to start right after treatment stopped and little red/burnt and little raw and itchy.
So far skin not broken but quite sensitive.
Ive got aquaous cream stuff in fridge and that cools it down.

Sorry sounding sorry for myself while Im still staying positive, just keep waiting for some signs of normality lol.

Thats fab news about you progress and long may that continue.

kind regards


Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

28 Nov 2018 07:59 in response to Anchor1707

hi Ian see you were up at the witching hour 0400 !

totaly sympathise with you and the ensurevdrinks get complan n thin them down they are more palatable or even just plain water pa I used mineral as opposed to tap. 

These next few weeks are the worst hence whyi had feedingbtube custard rice pudding just woukdnt  getbdowm so u are doing well . It’s ok to feel sorry for your self but to cheer u up last night I had a weak orange squash normally wouldn’t touch  ut but ut was bliss unwill find yourself justbwantung something to drink. 

Tea n coffe unlesss de caff dry u out try de caff green tea or peppermint .

thank u for your comments nextbaim is yontry cereal just trying some niw but not brill it’s strange hiw pastry goes down 

my neck if you’ve seen my blog got 3 rd degree burns so when skin healed I bought bio oil from boots it is very good my neck now u can’t even see where the burns were

take care keep in touch




Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer

28 Nov 2018 11:07 in response to RadioactiveRaz


Thanks for your words of encourangement and means a lot, especially when you undertand as you have been through.

Ok so I have a plan as off just now lol...I get up 3.00am ish and take 1 oral morph and some water.

I then have 3 of these esure drinks between and 5.00 am ish as it gets 3 out of the road then one around lunch then another arounf tea. I then take a custard or something as I can manage 5 at most and thats it. Been watching weight and creeping up few pounds each day so thats encouraging and hope continues.
I then back to bed and up again around 10.00am for meds and focus on another exiting day lol.

Seen you neck and ouch!....mine is nowhere near that and just sensitive and I put on vream from fridge..its the damn itch thats annoying but where cream comes in handy.

Being positive, i Just put it down to part of the journey and I will soon be on the mend like yourself, albeit slowely monkey