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Radiotherapy choice after WLE for DCIS

18 Oct 2021 20:26

Hello all, 

Just wondered if anyone had chosen not to have radiotherapy after a WLE for DCIS? Have been told it's my choice as the benefits/risks are about the same for me. 

Radiotherapy choice after WLE for DCIS

19 Oct 2021 10:52 in response to tobyjr

Hi @tobyjr ‍ 

I decided not to take tamoxifen or have the radiotherapy offered to me after I was diagnosed with Invasive Breast Cancer.

I was taken though all the risks / benefits etc, I think it ended up being maybe three telephone appointments to see if I was going to change my mind, but I didn't so they left me be, so much so I am still waiting on my annual check up! oh well...

Radiotherapy choice after WLE for DCIS

19 Oct 2021 16:23 in response to Kay-D

Hi @Kay-D ‍ 

Thank you for your reply. I spoke with one of the breast care team and they assure me it will be yearly mammograms for 5 years and I can contact them direct if I am worried. How long ago was your surgery? 

Radiotherapy choice after WLE for DCIS

19 Oct 2021 16:42 in response to tobyjr

Hi @tobyjr ‍ 

Diagnoses August 20 - Surgery Sept 20 

I know that they are very good when you just want to talk to the braset care nurses, but not yet had my annual appointment.

There are so many things that go through our head and that we worry about, these things we can and cannot control. I hated all these decisions that were being made around me, of what needed to be done. It was nice to take a breath and just think about what I wanted.

There are plenty of people around that understand that inital worry and the waiting around and always wondering. So ask for help, or to chat.