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18 Oct 2017 16:57

Two down one to go. The end is nigh!!!

Re: Radiotherapy

18 Oct 2017 17:10 in response to rileyroo

You still hanging in there lass   bet your in sight of the end of the tunnel ... your one strong lady ... you keep kicking that cancers ass .... big hug Chrisie ❤️X

Re: Radiotherapy

18 Oct 2017 17:15 in response to Chriss
Kicked it! Hospital screwed up, basically had nothing since June, had a vab and the two 'tumours' were sucked out then altho I didn't know that until I saw the Oncologist in September. Had a wle and sentinel node biopsy in August on the basis they they thought there was still something there, there wasn't. Nothing on the tissue that was removed and nothing in the margins! Rads is just to mop up.

Re: Radiotherapy

18 Oct 2017 17:45 in response to rileyroo

Oh wow ... high 5 ... think we so need good news stories like this ... you sure are a trooper ... now you can give hope to others on here ... now go out there and make some memories, every day is a bonus.. take life by the hand and run with it .... l feel really emotional now ... or as the grand kids say .. tots Emosh lol Chrisie xx

Re: Radiotherapy

18 Oct 2017 17:54 in response to rileyroo
Rileyroo that is great news!! You're almost there. How's the skin and yourself holding up?

Re: Radiotherapy

18 Oct 2017 18:06 in response to Jbains

Skin is unmarked!  I'm feeling tired. Worst in the morning, great for getting to hospital but the end is nigh!!!

Re: Radiotherapy

18 Oct 2017 18:08 in response to Chriss

As soon as I feel less tired I've got a live to pick up again. Watch out world, I'll be back shortly