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6 Oct 2017 20:40

Three down twelve to go. Roll on 24th October. 

Re: Radiotherapy

7 Oct 2017 10:21 in response to rileyroo

Bless ya ... you go girl /lad ... hope it’s not as bad as you thought ...  roll on 24th ... sending you big hug ...  you kick its ass .... Chrisie xx ❤️

Re: Radiotherapy

7 Oct 2017 10:51 in response to rileyroo


Great thread to start and keeping us updated. RT is my next step so forewarned is forearmed.

keep well me dear x


Sandra x

Re: Radiotherapy

7 Oct 2017 11:20 in response to Sandra123
Got to admit I was dreading it, surgery, easy, tamoxifen, well so far so good, sweating like the proverbial but can handle that, just. But this, errr no. The ct tom scan did nothing to set my mind at rest, the most uncaring unprofessional individuals I''ve ever had the misfortune to meet. Went along to the first appointment and all I can say is wow! Brilliant staff, professional and helpful. I've actually rearranged all my appointments so that I only deal with these two and they were more than happy for me to do that. It's not something to look forward to, but nothing to worry about either.

Re: Radiotherapy

7 Oct 2017 11:23 in response to Chriss

Thanks Chriss, I'll beat this and

get through whether cancer likes it or not and it won't!