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Radiologist decided not to do fna during ultrasound- help?

13 Oct 2021 22:17

So this has been going on since March when I found my swollen lymph nodes around my neck. I've had blood tests, blood tests lost, bad communication with hospitals, 3 ultrasounds.  

I was supposed to have an ultrasound with needle last Wednesday as I haven't had one yet (the doctor didn't know why I haven't) for my thyroid lump. The radiologist told me he isn't going to do it. He said it's gone from U3 to nearly U2 and If I want the biopsy I can, I said I want it but he went on to explain they don't need to do it it's under 2.5cm now etc. I tried my hardest I'm 29 and I'm not assertive but I tried my best.

my partner is pressuring me to advocate for myself and I'm trying really hard to. I'm stressed and anxious I'm chasing the report for my doctor I'm chasing my consultant to check the opinion but he's off sick for a month. I don't know what to do. 

Does it sound right that he wouldn't do it? I just want confirmation that it isn't cancerous as I was told it could be but now I'm back in limbo. 

Does going down mean it isn't thyroid cancer?

Radiologist decided not to do fna during ultrasound- help?

14 Oct 2021 10:03 in response to LifeIsStrange

Hello and thanks for posting,

As nurses, it is difficult for us to comment or offer a medical opinion.

Pathology classification using a ultrasound scoring system is that U3 can be indeterminate (might be cancer) and U2 is benign (not cancer) on appearance. Radiologists have considerable experience in assessing ultrasound images, as this is their speciality. They would do a biopsy if clinically indicated by findings, but would not do it, if it was not clearly necessary to do. 

So, I appreciate your concern, but the report will have gone to your consultant who will get back to you to confirm report findings and discuss.

If the consultant remains off sick, then other senior doctors take over their patients for follow up purposes.

I hope that this helpful,

Best wishes,