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Quality of life

29 Mar 2018 15:26

Hi folks, another opinion thread.

My life consists of waking, either because of a need to sort out my stoma bags or just naturally waking. Could be any time then between about 0530 and middayish but is usually about 0930. So it's on with dressing gown and downstairs with computer phone and leccy ciggie acoutrements, which I'm never without.

Plug in computer and then sort bags. Have two cups of coffee while perusing a few sites and then have my mac cheese on toast, my breakfast staple. Meds around 1030, which reminds me I've not only forgotten one but I've got to order more. It's lactulose so kept in the kitchen, rather than with my other meds.

The rest of my day is spent sat in my reclining chair, getting up every so often to get more coffee or food; I'm an inveterate snacker. The telly's permanently on, acting as visual wallpaper but my time is spent perusing and posting on the same half-dozen sites I use. I remain in my dressing gown as clothes for me, are too uncomfortable to sit around in for very long.

At some point in the day there'll be a shower but the timing is dependent on bag changing.

I may do a shopping trip throughout the week, there's usually a weekly hospital visit although these are getting fewer, and a meal out about once a month.

Grandkids visit at least once a week and can last for hours and envisage trips out with them when the weather turns warmer.

So that's me and my general day. I do virtually nothing and yet for me, this is quality of life. I'm fairly content. Caz though, who diarises her day in the 'Stay Strong' thread, packs more into a day than I do in a couple of months and reading her post today triggered this thread.

So what do you consider quality of life and are you achieving it?

Quality of life

31 Mar 2018 14:20 in response to Taff

Hi Taff, 

This is a very interesting discussion and I'm sorry no one has replied yet. Hopefully now I've popped by other members will see it again and stop by to share their thoughts with you.

I think that whatever someone does with their time the most important thing is that they are happy, and from what I've read you clearly are which is great.

Stay happy and content Taff Happy

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

Quality of life

31 Mar 2018 18:04 in response to Taff
Hi Taff I don't really think about quality of life I just enjoy what I have. When I was recovering from surgery and having treatment sitting in the garden in the sun or settling on the sofa with a book or tv was enough. Now I am in remission and more active going for a walk, working in the garden, dance class (not been on my bike yet as its too cold) meeting friends are what I enjoy plus reading and a good program on tv. I think I adapt to what I can do and try not to have any regrets. So I suppose my quality of life is being content. You are one of the positive people so what ever your life it has quality. Happy Easter River

Quality of life

31 Mar 2018 19:06 in response to river56

Thank you Steph and river, kind words.

Happiness, I think, applies to moments or short periods, much the same as sadness. Contentment then, I agree, is the thing I have. Never a 'what if', a 'why me', a regret, or a yearning for, or to do, anything. Physical pain is managed or accepted.

I love and am loved.