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Purple bruising

26 Nov 2022 14:34

Hi, so I have noticed yesterday a small 5p size purple bruise on my left breast. Today however I notice two more the same colour & sizing on my right breast. 

no pain, should I be worried? 

Purple bruising

29 Nov 2022 14:25 in response to Ganelle

Hello and thanks for your post,

I don't know what to make of the bruising. It may be that you knocked yourself without remembering or perhaps you might have broken a little blood vessel that has bled. Tight bras or sports clothing or vigorous exercise can also cause bruising. Give it a few days to see if it resolves. If your symptoms persist, do consult your GP for further advice. Most of the time, there is a non serious straightforward medical explanation, but if things persist, it makes sense to get checked out by a doctor, for peace of mind.

Best wishes,