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Punch biopsy, horrid doctor, help!

24 Nov 2017 07:56

 Hi all,

I had my emergency colposcopy yesterday, i had read in the information posted to me that the appointment will take around an hour, that the doctor doing the Colposcopy will talk to me about everything for 15-20 minutes before and for the same after the scan. The lady doing my scan sat me in a room, asked me if I had read the leaflet sent to me and when I said yes she said good. She asked me a couple of lifestyle questions, then treated me like dirt when I said I had been a smoker, she actually said ‘well that’s why your here then’ which I found rude. She then said ‘you have sever dyskaryosis, do you know what that is’ I said yes and she said ‘when your in there I might have take some tissue under local anaesthetic’. That was it, that’s all she said to me before I had my colposcopy. I was terrified and I couldn’t tell you what happened in there. All she said was ‘im removing a lump’ and that it didn’t look cancerous to her naked eye. Then after the procedure I asked if I’d had treatment for the cells, she said no I need to send the lump off and have it tested for cancer and that the results would be with me within 4 weeks. 


She was useless, I left confused. I was in a lot of pain after the Colposcopy and still am now  

I think I may need to call the hospital to get some better answers because I know nothing and it’s more worrying than knowing. Can anyone help me figure out why she did what she did and what’s likely to happen next? I’ve read that a punch biopsy is purely for diagnosis, not for treatment so she must be concerned it’s cancer? Otherwise sure she would have just lasered the cells while I was there? 


Kate x (a very confused Kate )


Re: Punch biopsy, horrid doctor, help!

24 Nov 2017 08:35 in response to Kate1991

The comment about smoking is really outrageous. But apart from her manner, try to take heart from the fact that she did not think it looks cancerous. Sure, they do a biopsy to be absolutely sure about the diagnosis, but you have every reason to be hopeful, given the doctor's opinion.  

Re: Punch biopsy, horrid doctor, help!

24 Nov 2017 10:22 in response to Harry2

Thank you for your reply Harry, it’s comforting being on this forum, it helps me a lot. My family are very supportive but just hearing from people who have had/still have the same fears as I do, it’s like having support. I have contacted the hospital, they said I actually had lletz yesterday and the results will hopefully be back sooner than 4 weeks, they told me to go to a&e if this pain continues as it’s abnormal that paracetamol wouldnt  ease the pain but I have been in pain for months anyway. I am hopeful, I have had cervical cancer symptoms for months now but haven’t lost all hope yet. The waiting is probably the worst part because I’m not just waiting for results, I’m waiting for something to happen that will make the pain, tiredness and weight loss stop. 

I hope you are well, thank you for reaching out to me