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Prostate results

11 Jul 2018 13:28


I am  a worried wife waiting with my husband for a follow up appointment following his biopsy 12 days ago. . 

Long story short ... 

Not many symptoms other than 2 days of a burning type feeling in urination as described by my husband . 

Needing to get up to use the loo a bit more during the night . 

A visit to the GP and a few tests later mid June & he gets a call at work from the GP to make an appointment to go back & see them . PSA level is 32.5 which she advised is very high & needed to do a referral to our hospital for examination & MRI scan .

June 29th & he sees urology department for a DRE 

Doctor tells us she can feel something on the left side & called it a possible T2 lesion .She advised that she would like to book my husband in for a day case Bioppsy . 

We then go on our prebooked holiday ... an anxious 10 days as MRI report not yet back 

On return from holiday lots of Letters from the hospital 

Results of MRI show a suspicious area on the left but that my husband 61 has a normal sized prostate for his age . 


Another letter with date of the biopsy booked for June 29th  & a follow up appointment with the consultant made for Tuesday 17th July . 


So here we are are wondering what Tuesday will bring . The waiting is the worst part of all this for both of us .

We are particularly anxious about the urgency of the referral & the very high PSA 

My brother & one of our friends have both been through prostate cancer both whom have since had their prostate removed . What worries us was both their reactions to my husbands PSA reading.


Are we right to be worried ? Any support or advice would be very welcomed . Thank you .





Re: Prostate results

11 Jul 2018 15:40 in response to Suzie801

Hi Suzie801. Welcome to the forum.

I am not a doctor and I have no medical qualifications. However, I went through the prostate cancer mill myself in 2010, at age 56.  And I'm still here to the tell the tale.  

I can completely understand the worry you and your husband are going through.  Given what you've told us (and bearing in mind I'm not a doctor) I think cancer is a likely diagnosis. BUT that doesn't mean either of you should panic. I think it is a promising sign that MRI shows the prostate to be a normal size with the suspicious area being within it. If it is cancer and if it is still contained within the prostate then a cure should be possible, either by surgery and/or radiotherapy.

I recall myself how difficult it is to wait for the results to come through. All I can suggest is that you both keep busy and try not to dwell on the situation.  And don't spend all your time Googling, because you'll only scare yourself that way.

I'm also a member of a local prostate support group, which by coincidence met just this morning. Given the hot weather, it was a low turnout, but about half the members present have been through prostatectomy, most of the rest are having their cancer monitored, and the others have prostate conditions not related to cancer. 

You might find it helpful to find a local group, where you can share your experiences with others who've been through it before. 


Re: Prostate results

11 Jul 2018 17:15 in response to telemando

Thank you for your kind words . 

Yes I think you are right but one can’t help reading on line & wondering what Tuesday will bring . 

This afternoon my therapy was attacking the back garden 

I actually stopped thinking about things for a couple of hours so yes keeping busy does help somewhat.


one of our friends age early 70’s runs a prostate support group . He had his prostate removed at 69 . 

He was alarmed at my husbands PSA level . He’s encouraged us to go along to the group if we get that diagnosis as he says the support is invaluable 


do you find many younger men go to the support groups ?

one of the first thing my husband said when waitibgvto go down for his biopsy was “they are all old” when referring to the other men on the day unit having prostate biopsies 


I am ever hopeful that what ever the outcome we will face this together . 


My brother age 55 had his prostate removed nearly 3 years ago after a period of watchful waiting , he was offered brachytherapy or prostectomy . He chose the latter .


it has not stopped him getting on with his life & spends most of his time cycling around Spain . I understand why he sees life now as a precious commodity .

thank you again.... your advice is very appreciated 

I wish you well x



Re: Prostate results

11 Jul 2018 22:10 in response to Suzie801

I'm actually the youngest at my support group. I was 56 when I had my prostate out, and I'm quite astonished that your brother was even younger! I'm 64 now.  However, our group meets on a wednesday morning, which it automatically difficult for anyone who works. Evening groups might attract a younger men, but one of the problems is getting younger men to even admit they might have a health problem at all. We go to the local markets to hand round leaflets, and too many men think prostate cancer is something that only affects other men, despite being the commonest male cancer. 

At the group meeting today we had a new member in his 60s. His PSA is over 30, but he's had two clear biopsies, and an MRI which shows a very enlarged prostate, which is causing him severe problems now. He's probably going to have a TURP procedure in the neat future. There are a few other cases of men with high PSA but no cancer, but I think they're somewhat rare. 

The worst part is the uncertainty.  If you know your husband has cancer, and you know the stage and Gleason score, and there's a clear treatment path in place, then you can begin to make plans - but until then you're left hanging with no idea what to do next. 

Please let me know what your husband's results are.