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Previous HPV positive and low grade cell changes

2 Dec 2019 09:23


Just ned some advice really, 3 years ago i had a positive HPV and low grade cell changes and had a colposcopy and follow up for the next two years, now however i have had inter menstral bleeding, i have a cyst that looks complex with some solid components and severe pain from time to time right down low in my pelvis, my GP is aware of these things but I'm worried as i've had 4 episodes of bleeding and my period only stopped on 19th November... should i be worried and what can i ask the GP for apparently im being referred to a gynecologist but i work in the NHS and get all different types of advice.

Previous HPV positive and low grade cell changes

3 Dec 2019 12:09 in response to lonerganj2504

Hello and thanks for posting,

I am sorry to hear you are having some unpleasant symptoms. 

I'm afraid as nurses we are unable to tell anyone what the matter is, or if they should be worried.

It is good that your doctor is aware of your symptoms and that you already have had some tests that have shown a cyst. From what you have said you have been referred to see a gynaecologist which would be the next step for you given your situation. You probably need some more tests to find out what is going on and to see if you need any treatment.

As you seem a little unsure about what is going to happen next I would advise you to speak to your doctor's surgery to find out what referral has been made and when you should expect to hear something.

Do seek out medical advice if your symptoms get worse, if you are unable to see your GP call NHS 111 for advice.

I hope you know more soon, do get back in touch if you need to or if you would like to talk things through on the phone call us on 0808 800 4040, we are here Mon to Fri 9am till 5pm,

Take care,