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Present for friend going through Chemo

11 May 2015 17:15



My friend has cervical cancer and her chemo and radiotherapy sessions start this week. Myself and a few other friends want to get her a useful gift - something more imaginative than flowers and chocolates. We were hoping to get her items that will prove beneficial throughout her treatment. 

Is there anything (no matter how random or bizarre) that we could include in our parcel. Do things that help with the side effects and things that she can use to help her feel a bit better. Any suggestions most welcome xx




Re: Present for friend going through Chemo

11 May 2015 19:18 in response to Doolally_tap

If your friend is on a day ward for her treatment there is usually a tv room but taking your own music can be relaxing.  When my hubby had chemo he was on the ward for 8 hours and slept quite a bit.  He read,did crosswords. I saw ladies doing embroidery and even some running their businesses whilst they had treatment.  My hubby found his mouth was quite dry during his treatment so we had fruit jellies and mints (though he could go to the restaurant for meals/coffee etc.). Maybe a gift card to have her nails done inbetween treaments would be lovely or some good hand cream.  It is lovely that she has friends who are being so thoughtful.  Hopefully others will come along with more ideas of what helped them during treatment and of course a lot will depend of whether there are side effects as to why she may enjoy. A good supply of magazines could work too.  Wishing her all the very best.  Jules

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11 May 2015 19:24 in response to Doolally_tap


The best presents I ever get from my friends when suffering with the side effects of chemo is some home cooking!  My work colleagues sometimes cook me things for the freezer so I dont need to worry about getting meals ready when I am feeling poorly - things like shepherds pie, curry, spag bol, lasagne, sausage rolls etc. Home made cakes too and quiches!    I cant tell you how much this means when I am feeling really tired and only have to pop something in the oven rather than prepare it!!!!!   I am sure she would love some practical help - ironings another chore or weeding the garden.   If she is like most of us, your friend wont like to ask for help but will greatly appreciate it much more than a present.  Maybe you could wrap up a little rota of who is going to do what and when, then give it to her with a card.  Its so lovely to hear that she has your support and such a great set of mates to go through this journey with her - bless you all x

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11 May 2015 20:52 in response to Doolally_tap

What a kind person you are. Jules and max have suggested some great ideas. They may feel too sick for chocolates.  A lot of magazines and an mph player is good.  

Good luck to her

I think a pamper day would be nice



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12 May 2015 13:01 in response to brighteyes

Thanks so much for your replies - lots of ideas there to help us out. Will especially take on board the suggestion on us doing some home cooking. Xx

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12 May 2015 15:57 in response to Doolally_tap

When I was on chemo the most useful things I had were my Kindle and a liquidiser for making smoothies and thickshakes (I was nauseous and couldn't keep solids down for a while).

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6 Jun 2015 11:20 in response to Doolally_tap


My sister found a site called NOT ANOTHER BUNCH OF FLOWERS which is run by a lady who had cancer and set about having some gifts on it that were practical. She got me a special stand for my iPad as I couldn't rest it on my tummy after surgery and it has been a godsend. The site is worth a look xxxx

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29 Jan 2017 15:59 in response to roxy
Thanks Roxy for the suggestion of Not Another Bunch of Flowers, what a brilliant site. There are suggestions and brief explanations as to why the gifts are good for people undergoing certain treatments (for those, like me, who have never had experience of them). Better still they deliver internationally so I've just managed to put together some lovely bits for my sister in Australia embarking on a course of chemo. Thank you so much! x

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24 Apr 2017 12:05 in response to Doolally_tap
You can find some great inspiration for gifts to give someone going through cancer at Live Better With. They've broken down their suggestions depending on the type of cancer treatment, so there's sections like Sweet & Thoughtful Gifts to give someone going through Chemo / Radiotherapy etc. They've picked out lots of useful and thoughtful gifts for loved ones & friends, things that'd brighten up their day like elstao-gel cooling caps so their hair doesn't fall out etc. They also have handy free guides, like a checklist of things to take to chemo etc :

Re: Present for friend going through Chemo

3 Feb 2018 12:34 in response to Doolally_tap

Flowers and choclate

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2 May 2018 14:31 in response to MumsInSCience

I came across a fabulous website called The Boost Box Company which creates really super quality cancer gifts and general Get Well gifts. The products are all natural and organic which I really like and have clearly been very thoughtfully selected and put together. Check them out they're pretty special. I bought a boost box for my friend and she absolutely loved it.