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Pre cancerous cervical cells

21 Jul 2019 19:02

I had my pre cancerous cervical cells surgically removed February last year. I have got symptoms coming back. I have been re referred too the hospital. But for my piece of mind, if they are back what is the course of action too get rid of them?

Massive thanks for any help Happy

Pre cancerous cervical cells

23 Jul 2019 16:34 in response to Sarah1993

Hi Sarah and welcome to Cancer Chat.

It must be very worrying to see that your symptoms are coming back. Hopefully some of our members who have been in this situation will pop by to share their experiences with you soon but our cancer nurses are available on 0808 800 4040 (Monday - Friday between 9a.m - 5p.m) if you'd like to have a quick chat with them about this as well. 

I'll have my fingers crossed that the cells haven't returned Sarah.

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator