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Potential cancer in neck, greatly worried

27 May 2019 00:38

Hi guys,

Im new here so sorry if I dont know the etiquette etc. Ive been a regular smoker for about 2 years now (something i am trying v hard to stop as of late). In the last few days I (19m) have noticed a small, pea-sized lump that is hard and does not move when pressed or pushed. Its relatively painless, except for when it is felt repeatedly although that could be because of soreness. This said, it is uncomfortable to some degree and i can feel it there. 

Im not asking anyone for a certain diagnosis and I have plans to make an appointment with my gp first thing tuesday, as the GP im registered w is not open over the bank holiday. 

This said, I was wondering if anyone has any insights or personal experience as my friend said that these signs seem to align with some form of cancer in the neck/throat/ neck glands's symptoms (idk much about technical terms). The lump is on the center underside of my chin, which makes me think that it couldnt be some form of lymphatic infection.

I only ask here as I have since fallen down the google rabbithole and am looking for some form of understanding as I am now greatly worried and it is effecting my sleep. Any knowledge is greatly appreciated thank you!

Potential cancer in neck, greatly worried

29 May 2019 10:00 in response to jamiesp

Hi Jamie and welcome to the forum.

You're not the first and you certainly won't be the last to fall down the google rabbithole but I'm glad you've decided to see your doctor and hope you've managed to get an appointment.

Hopefully some of our members who have had similar symptoms will share their experiences with you but fingers crossed the lump won't be any cause for concern.

All the best, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator