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posts being taken down by the moderators

29 May 2015 18:35

Ive had two posts taken down by the moderators without any note on the forum saying removed or any communication with me with reasons. Its a shame because both posts could have led to meaningful and educational discussion, one was on the suject of cannabis and another on a little tested new drug which one poster claimed had allowed him 18 months survival with a brain cancer. My reply was to  find out what diet he was also following at the time which may have been more beneficial than the drug he was taking .Now I will never know because of the ignorance of the moderators. We are mostly adults on this forum and can recognise scam and bull when we see it and should be allowed the freedom to fully discuss topics which are controversial. It almost raises the spectre of the conspiracy theories which pop up now and again with posters claiming that Cancer Research wouldn't like a cure for cancer because the status quo is such big business.

posts being taken down by the moderators

29 May 2015 23:51 in response to kimchoson


I'm sorry but perhaps you should initiate a discussion with the moderators first about why they have taken down your post, before slagging them off in a public forum?

I didn't see your posts, so I can't speculate as to why they were taken down but in the recent past we have had some pretty dangerous/poor advice posted on this forum.

There is a shedload of bullsh1t flying around the internet about the "medicinal" use of cannabis and the miracle cure it can provide. We have had plenty of meaningful and educational discussion on this topic over the past year or two. so I doubt it was the subject matter that led to the posts being taken down. Just do a Forum Search using the word cannabis or cannabinoid and you'll see many of them. One good discussion is under

Your allusion to conspiracy theories in the post above is pretty offensive and vastly overstates the power of the forum moderators to influence World affairs! 

Pfizer was the first big Pharma company to market a drug to combat erectile dysfunction and they made an absolute fortune out of it. The first company to market new cancer drugs always makes a fortune out of it and cleverly manipulate patient opinion and the mass media to create a demand for the new drug "at any cost". It stands to reason that if any of the big Pharma companies were to make a major breakthrough, they would be in a race to get it to market before their overseas competitors got wind of it and undermined their return on investment. 

Mainstream research into the use of cannabinoids has been underway for quite some time now. I seriously hope that this does provide another tool to fight cancer, but it is only one of hundreds of areas of research being investigated.. 

I do hope the mods are able to get back to you by email to explain exactly why your posts were taken down. 

Best wishes








posts being taken down by the moderators

30 May 2015 08:15 in response to davek

Hi Kim,

I have to say I fully agree with what Dave has written. I would also say allthough I didnt read you posts which were removed, when we first join this forum we are asked to read the forum rules and  when joining to abide by them. I feel sure our moderators would not remove a post unless they felt it broke those rules.  I have been on this forum for over three years and in defense of our moderators,I have always found them to be very fair minded people who are tasked with making sure the rules are not breached.

I wish you all the best, Brian.

posts being taken down by the moderators

30 May 2015 11:01 in response to kimchoson

Hi there, I am sure you must be feeling disappointed not to be able to explore these particular areas of interest. Over the last couple of years I have been pleased to use this website both to receive support and maybe even offer support. One of it's particular strengths seems to be it is non controversial and focuses much more on personal support rather than evaluating the benefits or otherwise of various treatments There are many sources of info for what you have discussed, but most of us trust the mods to keep the overall flavour of this site as we need it. Don't give up on us yet but maybe find some other places as well that meet your needs.

Lots of good wishes


posts being taken down by the moderators

30 May 2015 14:16 in response to kimchoson

 I cannot add much to what has already been said but think you would be far wiser to raise the issues you have direct with the moderators before you give them a dressing down on public forum.  They, along with many of my forum buddies recognise the work they do behing the scenes to make sure there is 'fair play' for all who post here, many of whom can be on particulary vulnerable journies.  I hope you will give them the opportunity of the 'right of reply' before commenting further. Jules

posts being taken down by the moderators

15 Jun 2015 12:29 in response to kimchoson

Just back from much needed holiday with my partner after 15 months of endless hospital visits and treatment. I have just seen the replies to my post and I unreservedly apologise to those good people on this forum including the moderator who I have caused upset to. It is so easy to create the wrong "tone" when not communicating face to face and any upset created was not intended.


posts being taken down by the moderators

15 Jun 2015 13:01 in response to kimchoson

Hi Kim,

Welcome back - I hope you and your partner enjoyed your well-earned break Happy



posts being taken down by the moderators

15 Jun 2015 13:30 in response to davek

Thanks Davek

The break away has done us both the world of good and I have endless praise for my ocologist and his team. Just 6 months ago I could see no future at all let alone be enjoying a summer holiday.

Looking forward to trying to contribute something worthwhile to this forum whilst respecting the forums guidelines.

posts being taken down by the moderators

15 Jun 2015 14:54 in response to kimchoson

Hi Kim

Glad to read you have had a good holiday - it must have wonderful after all you had been through.

I am sure other forum users will benefit from your input (apologies very sweet, thank  you, and we all suffer from 'foot in mouth' syndrome from time to time - now forgotten) and hope you are managing okay just now.

Regards Jules

posts being taken down by the moderators

15 Jun 2015 15:21 in response to kimchoson

It's a good feeling isn't it, passing milestones you never thought you'd see?


posts being taken down by the moderators

15 Jun 2015 16:00 in response to kimchoson

Hi Kim,

 I am so pleased to hear you had a great holiday and it sounds like it was well deserved. You have allready contributed quite a lot to this forum and feel sure you will continue to do so.

I do hope your health continues to improve. Best wishes and kind thoughts being sent your way, Brian.

posts being taken down by the moderators

15 Jun 2015 16:23 in response to davek

it certainly is a good feeling to pass a milestone that I thought may have been a headstone.

Im off for a scan at 6 oclock this afternoon, the first since end of last treatment regime, Im keeping all bits crossed, then I'm back to the dreaded waiting for results that everyone who ever posted on this forum has described.


posts being taken down by the moderators

15 Jun 2015 18:50 in response to kimchoson

Hi Kim

Good luck with your scan. Let us know how you get on.

Glad you had a good holiday.

Welcome back,