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Post surgery bra’s !

15 Sep 2019 14:50

Hi everyone  

Please can you offer some advice ? I live in Jersey and an having real issues finding post surgery bra’s in a size 48A.

I have a rather broad back you see, and everything over her seems to stop at a size 42 back.

I’ve been able to source one solitary bra so far, from Amoena, really not a style i would personally choose, but at least i have one, just would be nice to have something a little prettier and not so big and cumbersome.

Thanks all for ‘listening’ anyway ! 

Post surgery bra’s !

15 Sep 2019 22:37 in response to 7harkbait

HI there

I got my bras from Asda but also looked at ebay and Marisota (JD Williams) has some nice ones.

Post surgery bra’s !

15 Sep 2019 22:54 in response to Magpiemaggie

Thank you, hadn’t thought of those !

Post surgery bra’s !

16 Sep 2019 00:01 in response to 7harkbait

Figleaves look like they do a few after a quick search Happy


Post surgery bra’s !

16 Sep 2019 07:58 in response to Ross2991

Thank you for that, needing one that will properly house my prosthetics, tried some normal type bras and had issues.

Post surgery bra’s !

16 Sep 2019 08:28 in response to 7harkbait

Sorry for the omition in my original post but i need specific size 48A post sugery bra’s to house my new prosthetics.

Do appreciate everyones feedback, thank you !

Post surgery bra’s !

16 Sep 2019 15:01 in response to 7harkbait

Cancer Research UK do mastectomy bras - some look rather lovely and come in your size


Post surgery bra’s !

17 Sep 2019 14:33 in response to Magpiemaggie

That’s great to hear, thanks so much, will contact them.