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Post menopause bleeding

31 Jan 2020 11:58

Hi, over the last three weeks I started to feel like I was going to have my period. I've  not had a period for 21m gone through the menopause. But last week after two weeks of back pain and pain in my right side, I started to have blood in my discharge. I though also that I have had blood in my urine. The pain in my back and side as got worse.

Should I see a doctor? 



Post menopause bleeding

31 Jan 2020 13:06 in response to VD


Yes go see a doctor just to be safe.

The same thing happened to me last year.  No periods for 20 months then just felt like I was about to have a period. Normal sighns, stomach ache, backache, spotting, so I went to my GP, she sent me for an ultrasound that confirmed my womb lining was thickened. She said if you were younger I would just say your period was due but since they had stopped she referred me to gyni.

They did some biopsies which came back normal and just to be 100% sure I had to go in for a day to be put to sleep for a camera and more biopsies.

It was a worrying time but everything was ok.

I was told that in many ladies after months of no periods the ovary kicks back up and gives one last period. Because of my age they had to rule out womb cancer.

Hope this eases your mind but it does need checking.

Let me know how you go 

Post menopause bleeding

31 Jan 2020 13:43 in response to Ineedabreak

Thank you for your advice. I will make an appointment. The strange thing though I had a ultra sound in October last year for the side pain and was told nothing was showing but then again it took them 8weeks to be told I had BV. I will keep you informed. I hope you are ok to? 


Post menopause bleeding

12 Feb 2020 14:38 in response to Ineedabreak

Hi, We spoke before. I went to doctor today and because of my age 45 even though I've been through the menopause and not had a period for 21m, she wasn't worried. So basically tough because I'm not older and it not likely I would have anything to worry about. It's worrying because we all know women of other ages have had things found. My symptoms are all like Ovarian cancer as per many of the websites including NHS themselves. 

Any advice please?

Thank you 

Post menopause bleeding

12 Feb 2020 18:48 in response to VD

I would make an appointment straight away with a different doctor at your practice.

It shouldn't make any difference if you are 40 or 60, it's still post menopause bleeding and needs investigating, even if it's nothing. You need total peace of mind.

They missed my cancer first time for 18 months and if I hadn't kept pressing I may not have been here now, if it spreads with time it's not good.

You know when your body isn't right for whatever reason. at least you need an ultrasound. Good luck.

Post menopause bleeding

13 Feb 2020 09:00 in response to Ineedabreak

Hi, Thank you for talking to me. Did you have a transvaginal ultrasound as well as an ultrasound?  I had a ultrasound in October because of pelvic pain and was told all clear but I hadn't had the bleeding then. (16 years ago I suffered with endometriosis then in 2010 had a hydrothermal ablation because of the heavy bleeding. Then went through an early menopause. Even that the doctor didn't take serious. But I knew. I eventually got my answer when I was already going through it.) My husband also said to the doctor things can change since October? 

Kind regards

Post menopause bleeding

13 Feb 2020 22:06 in response to VD

Yes I had it at the same time.

Have you made another appointment for a second opinion?

The anxiety will drive you mad if you don't get it sorted.


Post menopause bleeding

14 Feb 2020 07:23 in response to Ineedabreak

Hi,  yes I have my another appointment. Unfortunately not for another two weeks. 

I just want to know all is ok. Surely it's not to much to ask from the doctors! 

I will keep you informed. 

Once again thank you