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Post menopausal bleeding

5 Sep 2021 02:06 in response to Bev67

Sorry to hear about this.  I had a similar experience. Had one heavy bleed 12 months after menopause (I'm 54).  It felt like a period, had very sore breasts before but it was much heavier and lasted longer than my previous periods but completely stopped after 8 days.  That was on 3rd June and I've had no bleeding at all since.   I only had a biopsy and saw a Dr for the first time 3 weeks ago but it was inconclusive so had a hysteroscopy 2 weeks ago and I'm still waiting for the results.  That's 3 months now of uncertainty and worry despite my supposedly been fast tracked to be seen in 2 weeks! The gynaecologist told me on the day of my hysteroscopy that my uterus looked completely normal even though a scan had shown thickening of 9mm.  I'm hanging on his words but realise I can't be sure until the biopsy results come back.  The waiting is getting me down.  I tried to go to my local private hospital too but they were so booked up as no one was getting seen on the NHS.  Then fortunately I did get an appt but it had certainly been a long wait.  I got a phone call after a week about the first biopsy result when the Dr phoned to tell me it had been inconclusive.  I'm thinking they must now know the results of the hysteroscopy biopsy after 2 weeks so I'm phoning on Monday.  


Post menopausal bleeding

5 Sep 2021 14:33 in response to marywj


People shouldn’t be left in this kind of flux. Keep phoning and phoning.  And keep ttrying private consultants at private hospital in case of cancellation...which is what happened to me.  They can access your medical records.

GP surgerys and NHS is bad state....I don’t believe there is an excuse apart from years of too many middle managers and too many private companies operating within and under the the infrastructure of the NHS.  Last 30 to 40 years has seen the gap between the have and have nots increase beyond our comprehension....I think 1% of the population own 99% of the wealth.

Going private was something I felt I had no choice but to do. It’s not right but there we are.  The service I got was excellent and comforting..  Off tor ultrasound tomorrow!  I have no regrets but lots of sadness at how this country has allowed the precious NHS to become business focused as opposed to community and patient focused.

And to add to that there isn’t many balanced articles online about post menopausal bleeding.  I found this one which I felt was uplifting 

keep fighting for your answers! And keep smiling.


Post menopausal bleeding

6 Sep 2021 08:01 in response to Bev67

Thanks for your reply, it really helps, especially the article via the link in your message.  It is an 'uplifting article as you say'.  I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed that my biopsy will be normal.  If the nasties are ruled out I suppose any bleeding will be put down to 'one of those things'. I've since found out that my grandmother had the most horrendous bleeding during and after the menopause and she was virtually house bound for a few years.  She lived to 100 and no tests were done back then.  They just got on with it.  She also had a lot of stress at that time as her son had been killed in a car crash so this thinking of stress causing bleeds certainly has some merit.  I've had a lot of worry this year so maybe that was it ‍♀️.  I'll chase my biopsy results this week.  Hope anyone also waiting for results gets good news x

Post menopausal bleeding

6 Sep 2021 09:19 in response to marywj

Thanks for that Bev67 and Marywj. I understand genetics can  play a part too. I hope so because I'm relying, naively perhaps, on the fact my great grandmother was reputedly still menstruating in her mid sixties. I'm now wondering if she was potentially suffering from same cause as me but lack of testing/knowledge would never have shown otherwise. She lived to be almost 90 so, and without treatment, it presumably was nothing sinister. Unfortunately the next 2 generations had hysterectomies so I've nothing to compare there. I'm just holding steadfast to great grandmother's experience and the  fact consultant says it's probably hormonal ovarian activity. Still scared out of my mind every time it happens but good to read Michelle Tyler's account now too - sounds so like my own, although I'm not sure about suffering from any obvious stress factors (save now for the bleeding).

Post menopausal bleeding

6 Sep 2021 11:58 in response to jumid

Being able to see responses on here and 'chat' with you ladies has been such a help to me after 3 months of uncertainty and waiting.  I'm very happy that I managed to speak to my consultants secretary this morning who told me the biopsy was all fine and no further follow up is needed.  It seems that after all, my bleed was just one of those things.  It's a horrible experience going through this process and a very worrying time, but there is always a very good chance it's nothing sinister so my message is, you will worry, but try to stay positive as there is so much it can be other than cancer or as in my case, nothing at all.  Thinking of everyone waiting for results.  Stay busy, and stay positive xx

Post menopausal bleeding

12 Sep 2021 13:44 in response to Sundial

Hi I hadn't had a period for 3 years doctor said I was going into early menopause I'm only 44 now I took a very heavy bleed few months ago went to hospital had a scan and something showed up in my womb after a biopsy I was told it wasn't cancer (thankfully) but now 3 months on I've taken another very very heavy bleed but this time with sever back pain now I'm waiting on doctors to call me back. Help should I be concerned 

Post menopausal bleeding

15 Sep 2021 00:39 in response to dannyd

Hi I'm the same I'm 51 haven't had a period for 3 years I've been bleeding tonight should I be worried my nipples have been hurting the past few days and I've had back pain and stomach cramps my only problem is I've never been told I'm in the menopause or been tested for it I'll phone my doctors in the morning and hopefully get seen cuz with covid still around the doctors only call me and only allowed to go to the doctors if it's nessacery too.