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Possible Hodgkins

11 Jul 2018 21:14

Looking for some advice.

I am female and 29.

In December 2017 I had a week to 2 weeks with sever headaches, tiredness, sore neck and night sweats. I also constantly had a cold. All of this I put down to having a very energetic 1 year old who also goes to nursery and also constantly had a cold over the winter. I went to the DR and was put on iron tablets. Just as I was getting better I got a tooth abscess and had a course on antibiotics. Since I finished the antibiotics I have been absolutely fine and continued with iron tablets and had no tiredness.

The only thing is the DR kept checking my bloods as my CRP was considered high - in 40s but did lower last time to 20s.

I was sent for chest x ray and then a CT scan and they have found an enlarged lymph node at 3cm. I think there are a few others in the same place that are enlarged too but 3cm is the biggest. 

I get my biopsy next week as it has to be a sergical procedure because they lymph node is behind my chest. 

The wait is particularly difficult because I have just found out I am pregnant. (About 4 weeks) 

The DR seems pretty convinced it’s lymphoma.

Has anyone had lymphoma where you have been ill for a few weeks but all symptoms have disappeared for more than 6 months? 

Has anyone had treatment for lymphoma when pregnant? 

Could ut be anything else? 

I am aware the condition is very treatable but the DR has advised I will have to terminate my pregnancy to get treatment.

Thank you in advance.

Re: Possible Hodgkins

13 Jul 2018 16:39 in response to KerrieK

Hello Kerrie and thanks for posting, 

I am sorry to learn that you are waiting for a biopsy. Waiting for test results is almost always stressful. 

Hodgkin's lymphoma isn't so common and not many women are diagnosed during pregnancy so I'm afraid you may not get much in the way of replies. 

Early stage Hodgkin's disease may only cause minimal if any symptoms, so if the doctor is right, and the biopsy confirms lymphoma, the run of ill health you had could be unrelated.

Lymph nodes can get bigger for other reasons, most commonly infection. Several other diseases can also be a cause so something else could still be the matter, but as your doctor seems to suspect lymphoma, it is as well to be prepared. I don't think there is any way around waiting for the results of this biopsy which should put everyone in the picture. 

Every one's situation is different. If you have lymphoma, you would get advice from a specialist hospital lymphoma team about what sort of treatment you might need. I think they would try and work around the pregnancy and tailor your treatment accordingly. So for now I think it has to be 'one step at a time' approach starting with getting a firm diagnosis. And if you do have lymphoma, wait to hear what the specialist lymphoma team say about what needs to be done. 

If you want to talk anything over do give us a call. We are around 9 to 5, Monday to Friday and our number is 0808 800 4040. 

Best wishes, 


Re: Possible Hodgkins

2 Sep 2018 00:28 in response to KerrieK

Hi kerrie

Ithink u have to take a simple from the node and check it and make a petscan its better and its particular for lymphoma i have lymphoma the symptoms might not be right for having a cancer but if u have mouth bleeding, fever while sleeping, lossing 10% of ur weight in cbc the wbc is high that mean that ur body is fighting something but anyway dont be afraid everything will be okay