Together we will beat cancer



16 Apr 2019 17:48

As I sat in the chair how I felt such dispair

I did find it really tough but told my self I'm made of stronger stuff

So when I was sick and feeling blue the chemo nurses seen me through

I lost my boobs,my hair too it was a whirlwind I went through

So I'd bake a cake to show my gratitude to thank them for all that they do

The doctors nurses their staff too I must say a big thank you

Now as I finish I have to declare we're so grateful for your care.


16 Apr 2019 18:36 in response to Andstr


*big hugs*




26 Apr 2019 16:56 in response to Andstr

Very insightful poem Bless you x


26 Apr 2019 19:13 in response to Andstr

Thank you xx