Please help us tackle children's obesity

22 Apr 2016 16:43

Children’s obesity rates are worryingly high. Currently 1 in 3 children leave primary school overweight and obese. Overweight children are more likely to become overweight adults and this increases their risk of cancer. That’s why Cancer Research UK wants to see a ban on TV junk food advertising before the 9pm watershed to reduce children’s exposure to such marketing, and help reduce obesity prevalence. To achieve this, we need the Government to include the ban in their upcoming Childhood Obesity Strategy.

Over the summer we’ll be asking people to support our campaign. To engage as many supporters as possible, we want to work with you to make sure we are explaining the campaign and our policies in the right way. We’ve never publically campaigned on obesity before, and we know it can be a sensitive topic. Therefore, we want to work with a group of patients to hear your thoughts on what messaging would persuade you to take action  as well as what your more general perceptions or concerns around children’s obesity are. Your thoughts will help shape our messaging.

What does the role involve?
We’re looking for a mix of people affected by cancer to attend a focus group at The Angel Building in London on Monday 9 May at 11.00am. Due to the nature of the campaign, we’d especially like to hear the views of parents of children under 18 as well. We’ll provide you with all the information and support needed to get involved. Travel expenses will be covered and you will be offered an honorarium of £50 for your time.

How to apply
To sign up, please email by 9 am, Monday 2 May. Please include your age, location and whether you are a parent of a child under 18 in the email. We will then be in touch to confirm your place by Wednesday 4 May

Thank you Happy