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Please help me

28 Mar 2018 16:51

im sitting here like an idiot worrying myself silly about impending biopsy results.from hysteroscopy.  I feel shaky and nauseous and imagining the worst. In my head if I think positively it will mean the worst.  I’ve made some posts already but no one seems to answer. I understand that there are people out there who are in a worse position than me but I’m still worrying.  I was told that my ultrasound showed thicker than expected womb lining and I went in for a  hysteroscopy.  Polyps were found and some removed. I had some local anaesthetic but the procedure was still very painful ( I Know most people find it painless). Afterwards the doctor told me he had taken a biopsy because the lining looked suspicious.  He mentioned an MRI scan but wanted to wait for the biopsy results.  I was still shaking quite badly from the procedipure and just wanted to get home.  I had no one with me because my husband had fallen ill with his colitis that morning.  I asked no questions to clarify things like I would do normally.  Since being home I’ve googled ( a big mistake I know).  I’m a teacher and when I want to know something I automatically turn to the internet.  I think I’m still shocked. I can’t settle to anything, dreading that the telephone will ring.  My family and friends are very supportive but I just can’t relax. I’m so sorry for going on like this but can someone please offer some comments ( if only to distract me)

Please help me

28 Mar 2018 17:40 in response to Sundial

Try thinking of tomorrow as the start of your diagnosis and treatment. It’s scary I know but once you’ve got a plan you can start to focus. 

Please help me

28 Mar 2018 17:47 in response to Sundial

Hi Sundial

Didnt see your other posts so sorry if you are feeling low about this.

Firstly try and stay calm about this and I know its hard but try and find a way of coping with your worries as they will not get any easier while you wait for results.  I look at it this way "if I worry and its nothing then worrying has done me no good and made my life a misery, if it is something then how as worrying helped".

Even if the biopsys are ok the doctor may still want to send you for an MRI scan just to make sure, especially with us women of a certain age who have gone through the menopause. So dont assume anything until a doctor says in front of you what it is. 

I find it difficult to offer advice because I never for one moment thought I had cancer through all my tests so never went through this worry until I was given the results even then I asked to see the results myself (talk about head in the sand).  What I did after my diagnosis was write all my questions down so they dont keep spinning round your head, no matter what they were it does help.

As you are worrying that it is cancer then there are treatments.  More and more people are being sucessfully treated - myself included and the sucess rate is higher the sooner the cancer is found.

Try not to google as there are to many scare stories out there, if you need to, visit reputable sites like this and McMillan even the nhs website.

Keep us updated, River





Please help me

28 Mar 2018 17:52 in response to rileyroo

Thanks rileyroo

i will do my best.  Actually this is the culmination of a vey difficult six months which is making this news worse.    my husband has been hospitalised fhree tines with pneumonia and my elder brother passed away.  I was just feeling less stressed when this happened. I’m sure I will cope but at the moment it is difficult to see a light.  I know the results won’t change with worrying and that I will cope but still can’t stop the anxiety.  I do have a sensible head but it is sorely tried.

Please help me

28 Mar 2018 17:55 in response to Sundial

I’m not surprised you’re feeling like this with everything that has happened. 

Whatever happens tomorrow, plan something that’s a little treat just for you. Doesn’t have to be big or expensive just something that is  for you and will make you feel good. 

Please help me

28 Mar 2018 17:56 in response to river56

Hi River

thanks for your post.  I know all that you have said is true.  Please read my answer to rileyroo to see why I’m finding this so difficult.  No excuses I’m just an out and out worrywort.  Can’t help myself.

Please help me

28 Mar 2018 17:59 in response to rileyroo

Thanks rileyroo

i thought about that one so I suggested a treat to my husband.  He took me to Ripples (fish supplies shop) to buy a UV light for the koi pool. 

Please help me

28 Mar 2018 18:01 in response to Sundial

Hmm, he really knows how to treat a girl, bless! I was thinking more facial, new hair do or manicure!

Please help me

28 Mar 2018 18:08 in response to rileyroo

So was I.