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Please help im after advice about my mum

10 Aug 2018 10:18

Please forgive me if I am not meant to post in here, I am very worried about my mum (56) the past two weeks she has been feeling very unwell, very tired all of the time, very sick all of the time, and she has now noticed a big lump to the left of her breast but higher up near her arm pit, just before where her bra strap lays. She has contacted the doctor and had to have an appointment with training doctor who told her to book a blood test but she was told she has to wait until next Tuesday to do so. 


My my grandfather passed away due to a brain tumour and my mum has in the past had kidney cancer and had to have the kidney removed. 

Can anyone offer some advice or guidance? 


Ive probably done the worst thing and googled the symptoms! 


Thank you x

Please help im after advice about my mum

10 Aug 2018 10:53 in response to Vix1237

Hi Vix,

Of course you are allowed to post here. That what this site is for. 

I am sorry to read about your mothers problems and can understand how worried you must be. but just wanted you to know you are not alone.

I cant offer much in the way of advice. With regard to googling, I suspect we have all done it. I know I did when it was confirmed I had prostate cancer. It can be scary reading, especially on some sites.

I hope your mother can get tested quickly and she is okay.

Se=nding best wishes to you and your mother, Brian