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PICC Line Covers/ Sleeves

1 Mar 2018 13:57

Hello All, 

I am doing some research for a student design project about PICC line covers /sleeves. I am looking to redesign the sleeve to improve user experience. 

I would be really interested if you had a minute to give me your opinions on what you liked/ didn’t about your sleeve / cover. Any insights are welcome, and please let me know if you have any thoughts for aspects that you felt worked particularly well or need improvement. 

I have personally never had a PICC line therefore any insight or opinions you give me will be extremely valuble for my research. 

Thank you so much for your help, 


PICC Line Covers/ Sleeves

7 Mar 2018 17:13 in response to Paulineg

Hello Pauline, I had surgery for bowel cancer and 'mop up' chemo. I got very 'heated' about PICC line covers . E.g when your port is fitted you are advised that it is easy to buy water proof PICC line covers. It probably is if you are an internet shopper. I was told all the major chemists stock them. They don't I went to Boots and several small local chemists. Boots had all ranges of cloth sport injury covers and aids and a mcmillians stall with cup cakes but the assistant was not interested in my quest for a PICC line cover. I refused to leave until they ordered me one for 6/7 quid I got something comparable to a bin liner with toggles - neither use nor ornament. The cancer centre sold ornament e.g. pretty bits of cloth that cover the line but let in water. For use a colleague would wrap in cling film. As so many people need picc line covers I am shocked that hospitals that treat cancer and have pharmacies do not stock them. And that high street chemists even large ones like Boots don't either  I would have been happy to pay I was not interesting in the cup cakes - I wanted a practical water proof cover so that I could take a bath or a shower - I was told it was easy and it was not

PICC Line Covers/ Sleeves

8 Mar 2018 12:06 in response to lawsey

Hello lawsey,

Thank you very much for your response to my post. Your opinion and insights are really helpful for my research and you have outlined several valuable avenues for me to explore.

I myself have also found it surprisingly difficult to find PICC line covers and I had to resort to ordering them form the US when I really feel they should be available in the UK, especially in Boots and chemists. I was dissapointed to not be able to buy them in person, to test usability, sizes and textures etc...

Thank you for your time and help!


PICC Line Covers/ Sleeves

12 Mar 2018 16:00 in response to Paulineg
Dear Pauline - it helps for me to know that you found difficulty as where ever I went I felt like I was getting the brush off. Please let me know if I can help at all in any way. Lorraine

PICC Line Covers/ Sleeves

22 Mar 2018 18:35 in response to Paulineg

Hi Pauline,

I had my PICC line removed last Thursday after my last chemo therapy cycle. For me, the inconvenience of not finding an adequate waterproof cover paled in comparison to the advantage of not having a cannula inserted in hand every 3 weeks.  I was frustrated by the inadequate bandage that's provided , the blue lined bandage is far too tight and caused uncomfortable pressure on the entry site of the line. The alternative is a far bigger  yellow lined bandage which didn't protect the PICC at all. I resorted to cutting up thick opaque tights and using them to hold my line in place. I wasn't given a waterproof covering and couldn't find them locally. I was advised that I could wrap my arm in cling film and that would provide some waterproofing. I hung my arm over the bath to make sure that water didn't get anywhere near my PICC line as didn't feel totally confident that would be enough waterproofing. I didnt come across the covers in the USA until a few months into my treatment. But having said that I didn't want to pay that much for them anyway. Good luck with your research, I really hope that a suitable cover is designed.

PICC Line Covers/ Sleeves

18 Jun 2018 08:48 in response to Paulineg

Hi Pauline

I have an excellent waterproof cover which I bought from Amazon on recommendation of a friend

The biggest problem I have had is that I am allergic to the adhesive on everything they normally use to secure the line. 

The only thing my skin will tollerate is steristrips so my line in not very secure.  The nurses used Actifast to cover it and hold it in place but the blue line one was far too tight and the yellow line one was too big and kept slipping down.  They then used a single layer of tubigrip but that kept rolling over when i moved my arm  The result of this is that it pulled on my line and it moved into an incorrect position so had to be removed. 

I am having a new one fitted this week but would like to see wrap around line covers which are not elasticated (or only very slightly) which would cover the line and keep it safe without pulling it out!  My nurse is going to try securing it with a bandage but omething more decorative and dressy would be nice as an option, particularly when I'm well enough to go out!

PICC Line Covers/ Sleeves

24 Feb 2019 17:17 in response to Paulineg

Hi Pauline

I'm just about to have a picc line fitted and researching covers. I'd be really interested in reading through your research. Have you finished or still in the process of your research?

Good luck and many thanks


PICC Line Covers/ Sleeves

27 Feb 2019 13:20 in response to Lynda.h

Not a very user friendly website...just lost my entire post

Had picc line fitted yesterday and have spent my time whist waiting for an oncology bed to be freed up, trying to track down how I can exchange this slip for a waterproof cover

I wonder if a anyone who says ' just cover it with clingfilm' has ever tried it one handed?

Right.... waterproof covers are available under medical appliances....GP can write an FP10 green prescription .but cover will need to be ordered in! Maybe 2-3 days of clingfilming!

Cost of fitting picc line in hospital, home visit to redress, porters, x-ray staff ££££££

Cost of limbo waterproof cover to nhs £12+vat

Cost on Amazon with next day delivery £17

Utter madness

Regards, Lynda

PICC Line Covers/ Sleeves

27 Feb 2019 13:31 in response to tuppence-hapenny

I've used a pattern for fingerless gloves in lacy knit to pull up over mine! Anything flimsy just rolls. I asked friends to come up with ideas too.....a rainbow striped one would be nice. For temporary hold, a couple of catheter  bag straps can velcro round arm.


PICC Line Covers/ Sleeves

27 Feb 2019 13:49 in response to Lynda.h


Thanks for this, unfortunately I was unable to have the picc line inserted due to my poor veins. Arm now looking like a pin cushion. So having a portacath fitted.

Best wishes