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PET-scan results

10 Jan 2013 22:13

Hi all,

Just got home a little while was a long day

But the news are good: my mass reduced 50% ( it's a good sign, i guess)

Thank you!!!!

Love, Sofia

Re: PET-scan results

10 Jan 2013 22:37 in response to sofia

Fantastic news Sofia - 50% that's wonderful!! I am sure all your friends here will be super pleased for you ...

Sending you lots more positive vibes your way!!


Re: PET-scan results

10 Jan 2013 22:56 in response to sofia

I am so HAPPY to hear that it has reduced!!

That is WONDERFUL news! I hope the good news keeps on coming! 

Take care and best wishes!!!


Re: PET-scan results

10 Jan 2013 23:09 in response to sofia

This made me smile so much. You are just wonderful, Sofia. Let's make it 100% xx

Re: PET-scan results

11 Jan 2013 00:14 in response to sofia

Oh Sophia that is wonderful news huni. I am so pleased for you. Great positive news. Luv it !!!!!

Take care luv Sharon xxx

Re: PET-scan results

11 Jan 2013 08:33 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia,

This news has really cheered me up. I just had that feeling that the results would be good but a reduction of 50% is fantastic news. I am so pleased for you, you are a very special person who has been through so much over the past year or so, but as I have said before, you always bounce right back. You must be very relieved at the news and I bet your parents and family are too. We are so proud of you and hope that this shrinkage will continue.

There has been a story on my computer and several papers about a mother of two who was told she had terminal cancer. So she got married to her partner and spent nearly all of their £20,000 savings on giving her two young girls holidays they would remember as she was wanted then to remember happy times with her. She then went for a check up and to everyone's amazement the tumour had disappeared completely. So Sofia, miracles do happen so stay positive and don't let people upset you any more.

I shall have a big smile on my face today after reading your news

Well done and thank you for letting us know, for you are a Cancer Chat Heroine. Love from Brian

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Re: PET-scan results

11 Jan 2013 08:34 in response to sofia


How wonderful. Such a good outcome for all that you have been through. Continued success for your onward recovery.Jules54

Re: PET-scan results

11 Jan 2013 09:46 in response to sofia

Sofia, Wonderful news, I am very glad to hear it.  I hope you and your family and friends are celebrating today, Kaitelouie x 

Re: PET-scan results

11 Jan 2013 16:13 in response to katielouie

Thank you all for the kind words;  support an the good vibrations

Now i'm waiting for the medical decisions but my feeling is the decision is to continue chemo, and let it be! I want to be  cancer free

Love, Sofia

Re: PET-scan results

11 Jan 2013 16:16 in response to sofia

great news i am pleased for you,


Re: PET-scan results

21 Jan 2013 16:01 in response to sofia

Sofia I have only just read your post about the 50% reduction.


You keep on fighting and the rest of us will keep sending cancer killing vibes your way.

I have uploaded a photo of my drawing of THE LADY to my profile and it is waiting to be cleared by a moderator.  You can't see her whole face as the web site made me crop the picture before I could submit it. She is a strange looking thing but if you physically cover half the picture and just look at one side of her face at a time it sort of works. As I said it is a long time since I have picked up a pencil and it feels unfinished but if you like it we will have to try and figure a way of getting it to you.

Take care of yourself.

Garf. x

Re: PET-scan results

22 Jan 2013 11:40 in response to GARF

Hey Garf,

Wow, you got it! The Lady Life: beautiful and ugly I think it is really getting good and you have so much talent!

This Lady will still be talked about! I'm eager to see the entire drawing

Thank you !

All my love, Sofia

Re: PET-scan results

23 Jan 2013 19:31 in response to sofia

Congratulations Sofia!!

Soooo glad uv had this wonderful news!! It makes the suffering seem worthwile eh!!? I hope it helps give you the strength and hope you need to keep going!! Dare to beleive you will be cancer free and look back on all this one day Sofia You must!! And with 50% reduction there's every reason too!!

Well done you!! Ann

Re: PET-scan results

24 Jan 2013 15:24 in response to Afaith

Dear Ann,

Tks for the enthusiasm

And yes, undoubtedly: see some positive results help us to better accept the suffering

Unfortunately only a few days after my slight "deep breath" doctors came and drew all the optimism, ensuring that it was good to be doing good effect but was likely that chemo stop doing that though and/or the tumor masses form clones (new masses)...

So, once my cancer being one of the rarest and most aggressive types of the world, they want to try more things, without really knowing what can heal me because the likelihood of relapse is very high!

And then we return to the question "pressure and more decisions"!
Next week,I go to another clinic to talk about the dreadful operation ...

Love, Sofia

Re: PET-scan results

25 Jan 2013 20:16 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia,

Well the drawing is finished, at least as finished as I can make it.  Is there a post office or cafe or some other public address I could send it to where you can collect it?  If there is maybe one of the moderators would be willing to send it to my email address.

Really sorry for using the thread for this reason.

Garf. x