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Persistent sore throat - throat cancer?

7 Jun 2012 17:53

My dad died of lung cancer aged 50 and I guess that is at the back of my mind but I am worrying about whether I can trust my GP. I'm 58 and I've had a sore throat since February when my soft palate became pink and slightly sore. The throat got much worse in early April when, weirdly, I had something like IBS symptoms and now it is always at some level of soreness. Sometimes I seem to get all the symptoms of a cold - stuffy, dry nose, dry eyes, tickly chest infection feeling, slight cough - usually when I am tired but it never becomes a real cold and it seems as though I get a bit better but the sore throat remains. I've tried all sorts of things (Strepsils, vitamin C, immune support supplements etc), I got some medication for what seemed to be oral thrush but the GP just keeps saying I am stressed. She said throat cancer was unlikely because I didn't have any lumps, could swallow ok and the blood tests she did, for white cell count and inflammatory markers were ok. She has now ordered a blood test for glandular fever and has taken a swab to test for bacterial infection but she says referring me is not appropriate. Looking at the net seems to suggest that NICE guidelines say you should be referred if you have a sore throat for more than 2-3 weeks. Should I worry? Should I challenge her or ask to go private? I feel ok in myself, not horribly tired but I do have less energy than before and I am fed up of this sore throat. Any comments would be most appreciated. Thank you so much.

Re: Persistent sore throat - throat cancer?

11 Jun 2012 22:58 in response to anniefuk

Dont know if my advice will be much good but here goes!  My dad was diagnosed with throat cancer after after weeks upon weeks, prob months of not feeling well and a slight swelling in his throat, we had to push and push for forever for thinngs to get done and when they did, worst possible outcome, throat cancer that had spred to lungs.  Consultant even said to my dad and i quote "you look really, really well, but you are really really not". Get everything checked that you want checked, do not take any notice of doctors/consultantants who say different, my dad even had an endopsopy about 2weks before he was diagnosed that said his throat was clear!!!!! Hows that then??? He has throat cancer!!  GeT everything checked and double checked if you have too.  Good luck x

Re: Persistent sore throat - throat cancer?

16 Nov 2016 19:55 in response to Parky49
Hi ! I am going to the GP tomorrow to push for tests as just not feeling right for past 6mths+... I had my tonsils etc removed a month ago privately and have a follow up in jan as showed some precancerous cells in a polyp removed. I have already got another sore throat to the point I can not swallow. The GP is new and I really hope she refers me as have had no blood tests done ... scans etc. I am exhausted all the time and although the tonsil areas have healed I just feel that I need an endo lower down in my pipe to check... Did your father have a CT scan or Mri to confirm throat cancer? Also what specific tests did he have?... any checks for virus ? Thanks