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Peace of mind

19 Nov 2019 18:37

Hello all I know I only posted yesterday but this is drivin me mad. As soon as I forgot about the lump on my neck I keep getting reminded of it! After going to the doctor yesterday I feel worse because I just wanted reassurance but the fact I've been referred for an ultrasound on my neck and wont have an appointment for 3 weeks scares me Sad

Peace of mind

19 Nov 2019 20:27 in response to Worrier1245

First of all it is perfectly normal to be scared.  Referring you is also perfectly normal. Doing an ultrasound is the normal thing to do. I know the wait is awful.  The fact you are on this site shows how worried you are. Take this one step at a time. You did the right thing and didn't ignore it. The doctor is right to check this out. It's the correct way forward. I hope everything turns out fine for you. 

Peace of mind

19 Nov 2019 20:37 in response to Worrier1245

It’s normal to be scared. But the doctor has referred you for a test. Truly, there’s not much more he/she can do. No-one on this forum can give you any reassurance...those of us who actually have cancer are sometimes waiting for our own results of further tests and it’s hard. I’ve been waiting a few weeks for results, have an operation next week and will have to wait for the results of that, I’m scared. Very scared. But I just have to wait as we all do. I’d love someone to give me reassurance, but of course they can’t. 

I hope your results are good. 3 weeks is not a long time to wait I can assure you.